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Done-for-you Leadership Development

Curated, top-tier leadership development for you and your team.

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What's Inside The Leader's Circle?

Access To Carey Nieuwhof And A Tribe Of High-Level Leaders. It's time to stop leading alone, and start leading together. The Leader’s Circle gives you access to Carey Nieuwhof and a tribe of other high-capacity leaders so that you don’t have to work through your challenges alone. Through a live monthly Q and A session with Carey and a group discussion forum, you’ll be able to get answers to your questions and put meaning to content.

Done-For-You Development. Cross preparing for staff meetings and leadership development off your to-do list. Each month you’ll master a new leadership topic that you can implement with your team or bring to your next keynote talk. What does this look like?

√ 15-20 Minute Plug-And-Play Training Video
√ A Background Video or Audio Podcast That Gives You Additional Context As The Leader
√ Staff Meeting Agenda, Team Application Guide, and Slide Deck

Curated. Not Overwhelming. You don't need more content, you need the right content. By focussing on one carefully sculpted piece of content each month, you'll master the challenges of leadership and grow your expertise each month. The best part? If you feel stuck, Carey and the tribe are here to help you through it.

Meet Your Coach

Carey Nieuwhof is an entrepreneur, author, podcaster, pastor and former lawyer.

He is a sought-after speaker and thought leader, regularly appearing at major conferences and events across the US and around the world.

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast and Carey’s blog and content at are accessed over a million times a month by leaders from around the world. 

His passion is to help people thrive in life and leadership.

Carey and his wife, Toni, live north of Toronto and have two grown sons.

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