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Strategies For Navigating Rapid And Unexpected Change

Master the art of fast-paced, clear decision making

Cultivate a non-anxious presence to lead with confidence and trust

Advance your digital presence to scale past physical barriers and grow your outreach

Learn and leverage the best strategies to lead your team and congregation virtually

How Do You Lead Through a Series of Unprecedented Challenges?

Make Better Informed Decisions

Access to Free Assessments That Put the Power of a Pollster in Your Hands

Accurately Assess the State of Your Team, Congregation and Community

Discover How Crisis Becomes a Cradle for Innovation

Rethink Your Methods to Give New Life to Your Mission

Reach More of Your Community When They Need You Most

Learn How To Care For Yourself

Turn Anxiety Into Confidence and Trust

Become a Healthy Leader Who Leads a Healthy Team

What You Get Inside How To Lead Through Crisis:

How to Lead Through Crisis Bundle

7-Session Online, On-Demand Video Course

Application Guide for Immediate Implementation

Access to Free Tools (Get Real-Time Data about How Your Congregation and Community are Doing)

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How Do Some Leaders Know Exactly What Action To Take? 

Have you noticed there are two very different ways leaders are responding to the current crisis? 

There are some leaders who are simply reacting to everything that’s happening. They’re making decisions that will keep them alive until everything ‘goes back to normal.’ But when will that be? And what if ‘normal’ looks very different than before the crisis?

There are other leaders who are confident in the decisions they’re making and are advancing their mission, even in a time of rapid and unexpected change.  

So, what’s the difference? 

In How to Lead Through Crisis, Carey Nieuwhof delivers his best strategies, tools, habits and mindsets so you can lead your church to a new (and better) future.

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Carey Nieuwhof

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Carey Nieuwhof is a leadership author, podcaster and founding pastor of Connexus Church north of Toronto. He is a sought after speaker and thought leader, appearing at conferences around the world including SXSW, Exponential, ARC and ReThink Leadership. His podcast and online content is accessed by leaders over a million times each month.

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