What would your ministry do with an extra $50,000 to start 2024? What about $250,000?

Have your Best Year-End Ever with personalized generosity coaching for senior church leaders.

The only year-end campaign coaching with 0% risk. If you don’t see results, we’ll give you your money back.

Get a Proven Fundraising Plan for the Last 45 Days of 2023
Personalized Coaching Every Step of the Way
Fund Your Mission and See Growth in 2024

When December rolls around, churches land in one of three groups…

  • Struggling to meet their annual budget
  • Chasing an ambitious goal that’s close… but just off target
  • Making peace that things will land the same as last year

Wherever you land, what could your church do with an extra $50,000 of funding? What about an extra $250,000 of funding? 

Well, the stats don’t lie. 

30% of all giving (that’s right, the entire year) is donated in the last 45 days—from November 16th to December 31st. 

It’s the biggest opportunity (or missed opportunity) your church has to increase generosity this year. 

People will be giving generously. The question is, will they give to your church? Or somewhere else?

How much will unclear messaging and a lack of strategy cost you this year?

How many of your people won’t end up giving generously because they don’t understand your vision for 2024 and beyond? 

That’s what happens to churches that don’t have an intentional, coordinated plan for the last 45 days of the year. 

And far too many churches leave funds on the table by not properly planning for and executing a year-end giving campaign. 

Just take a look at the numbers. 

But before you scroll any further…

Take a minute to dream about the impact your ministry could have with extra funding. Be specific, and don’t hold back. 

Far too often, we shrink our vision of what we think is possible because we doubt our ability to make it happen. We spend too much time worrying about what could go wrong and not enough time dreaming about what happens if things go right

So, what is it? 

  • How much could your church raise? And what if it was 10% more than that? 
  • How are you going to invest that into your mission or community? And what if you didn’t have to limit it to one thing? 

And don’t worry about dreaming too big. You can bring your vision and goals to one of our Discovery Calls to determine if the Best Year End Ever is the path to make them happen.

Get a proven action plan for the last 45 days of 2023. Introducing

The Best Year-End Ever will equip you and your team with everything you need to run a successful year-end giving campaign in 2024.

And when we say everything, we mean it.

On October 10th, you’ll get an overview (and checklist) of every single meeting, email, social media post, conversation, and task you and your team need to do before the end of the year.

That might sound like a lot… but we’ve already created templates for every single piece. That means you can simply plug and play if you wish.

And to top it all off, you get personalized coaching from

…not one…
…not two…

… but THREE sought-after ministry coaches, each with decades of experience leading year-end giving campaigns for churches of all sizes.

When you understand how to talk about the vision for you ministry and know exactly which steps to take (and to avoid), your ministry will be well-supported and funded for 2024.

Meet last year’s successful students.

Last year, every single church that joined the Best Year-End Ever either met or exceeded the ambitious goal they set for their campaign—ranging from $50,000 to $250,000+.

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what Josh has to share.

This is your chance to make your boldest vision a reality.

Decades of experience helping churches exceed annual budgets in the last 45 days of the year.

Carey Nieuwhof

Carey Nieuwhof is a best-selling leadership author, speaker, podcaster, former attorney, and church planter. He hosts one of today’s most influential leadership podcasts, his online content is accessed by leaders over 1.5 million times a month, and he is the founder of The Art of Leadership Academy.

Starting out in ministry, Carey grew three rural churches with a combined attendance of 25 people (and a combined budget of $40,000) into a multi-campus church plant, reaching thousands of people every weekend. Along the way, the church’s budget grew to multiple 7-figures, and dozens of successful year-end giving campaigns were executed in the process. 

Rich Birch

Rich Birch is one of the early multi-site church pioneers in North America. He led the charge in helping The Meeting House in Toronto to become the leading multi-site church in Canada with over 5,000 people in 20+ locations. In addition, he served on the leadership team of Connexus Community Church in Ontario, a North Point Community Church Strategic Partner. As well as the Operations Pastor at Liquid Church in the Manhattan-facing suburbs of New Jersey.

Rich is passionate about helping churches and organizations go further, faster. He blogs & podcasts at unSeminary.com.

His latest book, Church Growth Flywheel 5 Practical Systems to Drive Growth at Your Church, has helped thousands of church leaders reach more people in their community. It was also the forerunner to Church Growth Flywheel Masterclass, a proven step-by-step system for helping your church reach more people than ever before by dramatically increasing the invite culture in your people!

Kenny Jahng

Kenny Jahng is the founder of Big Click Syndicate, a content marketing agency helping ministries clarify their message and create raving fans for their mission.

Kenny has facilitated #GivingTuesday and end-of-year campaigns for several faith-based nonprofits, led the re-launch of the UMC denomination’s national UMC Giving website, and worked on fundraising sites such as ImagineNoMalaria.org, TheFreedomChallenge.com, HolidayFund.org, and more.

Kenny Jahng is the creator of the A.R.T. of Engagement messaging framework that creates raving fans for your mission. He has also studied under NYT Bestselling Author Donald Miller and is a Certified StoryBrand consultant.

Ministries Kenny’s team has worked with world-class organizations, including the American Bible Society, Biblica, California Baptist University, CDF Capital, DigiGiv, Injoy Stewardship, Generis, Portable Church Industries, PushPay, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, the United Methodist Church, and Wesleyan Church denominations.

Book a Discovery Call to Find Out if the Best Year-End Ever is Right for Your Church

How The Best Year-End Ever Works.

1. On October 10th, you’ll get access to the timeline, resources, and templates to plan the fall with your team.

Don’t worry; it’s all laid out in our easy-to-use timeline and checklist, so you’ll know exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and who on your team to delegate tasks to.

2. Each week, you’ll get personalized coaching—from ideation to implementation—to ensure you and your team are on track.

3. As you execute your Best Year-End Ever campaign, we’ll check in to see how things are going and help you make the necessary pivots or changes.

The Schedule Starting on October 10th

Run a Successful End-of-Year Giving Campaign with Coaching from Carey Nieuwhof, Rich Birch, and Kenny Jahng Each Step of the Way.

October 10th-October 31st


  • Set Your Revenue Goal
  • Plan Your Timeline
  • Create Your Core Content and Campaign Materials
  • 3 Coaching Calls + Daily Check-Ins:
    • October 10th – Scope & Planning
    • October 17th – Social Media & Weekend Overviews
    • October 31st – Digital Media Deep-Dive

November 1st-November 28th


  • Prepare for Your Meetings
  • Execute: Leadership Team Meeting
  • Execute: Weekend Preparation and Training
  • 2 Coaching Calls + Daily Check-Ins:
    • November 14th – Small Groups & Team Huddles
    • November 28th – Last 48 Hours

December 1st-January 7th


  • Execute: Post-Thanksgiving Weekend #GivingTuesday
  • Execute: Weekend #1
  • Execute: Weekend #2
  • Execute: Weekend #3
  • Execute: Social Media Campaign
  • Execute: Direct Mail
  • Execute: Last Call Weekend
  • Office Hours + Daily Check-Ins:
    • December 12th – Final Push
    • December 19th – Office Hours

January 8th-January 14th


  • Celebration Weekend
  • Evaluation Week
  • 1 Coaching (and Celebration) Call:
    • January 9th – Top 3 Leverage Points to Continue to Increase Giving

What’s Included in the Best Year-End Ever?

In addition to the Live Coaching Sessions, a Private Coaching Forum (in The Art of Leadership Academy App), and a Service Hosting Coaching Clinic, you’ll get ready to use, customizable marketing templates for your campaign

  • Timelines & Checklists
  • Email Swipe Files & Templates
  • Brochure Templates
  • Postcard Templates
  • Landing Page Templates
  • Invitation Text and Coaching
  • Order Lists
  • Leadership Agenda Templates
  • Video Script Templates
  • Social Media Templates
  • Slide Show Templates
  • Announcement Script Assistance
  • Celebration Support

And, we’ll ship you a printed, poster-size Best Year-End Ever timeline & checklist so you stay on track.

It matters to us that this makes a meaningful difference in your ministry.

Our Best Year-End Ever coaching is 0% risk, since we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you complete the program and aren’t happy with your results, we’ll give you a complete refund. We’re confident that the proven process will work for your church, which is why we are offering this guarantee.

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Year-End Campaign Planning Chart Wall Poster [$79 VALUE]

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Custom Christmas Landing Page Audit by Certified StoryBrand Guide [$500 VALUE]

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Best Year-End Ever

Personalized generosity coaching from October 10th-December 31st
  • Best Year-End Ever Campaign Timeline, Materials, Done-For-You Templates & Checklists
  • Personalized Coaching Each Step of the Way
  • Private Support Group with Best Year-End Ever Participants
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want to pay by credit card. Are there other payment options?

Yes. Please email sam@careynieuwhof to arrange alternate payment options.

What is included in The Art of Leadership Academy? 

The ever-growing library of courses currently includes: 

– The Art of Leading Change
– The Art of Team Leadership
– The Art of Online Influence
– At Your Best
– The Art of Preaching
– The Art of Reaching
– At Your Church Growth
– PLUS: 25+ months of done-for-you leadership development videos

You’ll also receive access to The Art of Leadership Academy community which includes live monthly coaching calls and a community of top-level mentors and peers.

What is the cancellation/return policy? 

Our Best Year-End Ever coaching is 0% risk for church leaders who enroll, with a no-questions-asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee. It matters to us that this makes an actual difference for you and your team. We’re confident that the proven process will work for your church, which is why we are offering this guarantee.