Fresh Digital And In-Person Strategies To Grow Your Church

A Proven Plan To Reach Today's Culture.

Our culture needs the message of the Gospel now more than ever. The Art of Better Reaching Course provides you with the lessons, tools and strategies to grow your church and gain passion around your mission.

Reach more unchurched people by understanding how to speak into today’s culture.

Create passion and momentum for your mission without watering down your message.

Attract and engage more first time guests using proven digital and in-person strategies.

Widen your front door by adopting a new content creation strategy designed for the digital era.

How Do You Reach People When It Feels Like Culture Is Tuning You Out?

You got into ministry because your heart and mind are in the right place - to spread the hope of the Gospel and reach more people. But you find yourself in a culture that’s so different than what Christians value.

You’re working harder than ever, yet seeing fewer guests and less frequent attendance. Increasingly, it feels like the culture (and the very people you’re trying to reach) is just tuning you out.

The strange truth is, people are hungry for the message you’re sharing. Surprisingly, our culture isn’t craving an echo of itself, but rather an alternative to itself.

The key is to figure out how to share your message without compromising it.

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Grow Your Church With Confidence And Clarity

Imagine a day when you see:

New people bringing new people.
Passionate people bringing new people.
People who are engaged with the mission bringing new people.
People who are contributing, rather than just consuming, bringing new people.

That, built on a Spirit-led mission, is how you’re going to grow.

God has given you a message, a mission and unique talents to lean into. The Art of Better Reaching gives you the lessons, tools and strategies to get people excited, engaged and contributing in today’s culture. 

When you understand the culture we find ourselves in, you’ll be able to reach unchurched people with clarity and with the right message (not a watered-down version). Plus fresh, practical digital and in-person strategies will enable your church to attract and engage first times guests with certainty.

You can reach the next generation. You can excite others to carry out the mission and ministry. You can grow your church and reach more people.

What's inside the Art of Better Reaching?

Take a look at course highlights!

The Art of Better Reaching is a 9-Session Video Course where Carey Nieuwhof and Mark Clark provide you the lessons, tools and strategies to reach more people and gain passion around your mission. It includes:

  • The Art of Better Reaching Digital Book
  • Course Application Guide
  • Bonus: Q&A Video
  • Bonus: 8 Traits of Discipleship Video
  • Bonus: How Your Church Can Use Lead Magnets to Connect With People Online
  • Bonus: Ephesians 4:11-12 In A Post-Christian Era
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Session 1 -> The Profile of the Post-Christian West 

Session 2 -> Why People are Attending Church Less Often


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Reach More Unchurched People With The Art of Better Reaching

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Carey Nieuwhof & Mark Clark

Carey Nieuwhof is a best-selling author, podcaster and the founding pastor of Connexus Church. He is a highly sought after speaker and thought leader, appearing at major US conferences and events such as Orange, Exponential, SXSW and Lifeway's Pipeline Leadership Conference.

With more than 17,000,000 downloads, The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast features today's top leaders and cultural influencers.

Mark Clark is the founding and teaching pastor of Village Church, one of the fastest-growing, multi-site churches in North America, where his sermons are downloaded hundreds of thousands of times per year in over 120 different countries.

He is the author of The Problem of Jesus: Answering a Skeptic’s Challenges to the Scandal of Jesus (Zondervan, 2021) and The Problem of God: Answering a Skeptic’s Challenges to Christianity (Zondervan, 2017).

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