Finally, a Tried-and-True Method To Preaching Better Sermons that Engage Audiences

A Proven Method To Preaching Better Sermons Without Selling Out

Grow Your Church and Reach Your Congregation with The Art Of Better Preaching


Ready to start preaching better sermons and reach the unchurched without selling out? Then it’s time to start using the right tips, lessons, and strategies to communicating better.

The Art of Better Preaching Course is a 12 session video training with a comprehensive, interactive workbook that will help you create, write, and deliver better sermons. The course contains the lessons Mark (lead pastor of Village Church) and I (Carey Nieuwhof) have learned, taught, and used over decades of being pastors.

This is the complete course you need to start preaching better sermons.

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Create, Write and Deliver Better Sermons (Even if You've Been Preaching for Years)

So, you’re ready to preach better sermons. Maybe you’ve been a teaching pastor for years looking for new ways to reach your congregation. Or maybe you’re straight out of Bible college looking for some advice on how to get started the right way. Well, in either instance, you have two ways for how you can proceed.

Option one is to do what I did: spend 30 years of your life learning the hard way. Today, Mark Clark and I preach to thousands of people every weekend. And while I’m still not perfect, I’m confident every week when I get up to deliver my sermon. Why? Because over the years (and it took me years), I’ve learned what connects and what doesn’t.

You can learn by trial and error, too—investing years into messages that aren’t as effective or engaging as they could be because you are missing some valuable insight into preaching.

Well, fortunately, there’s a second option: to learn the best tips and shortcuts to writing better, more engaging sermons.


That’s why we founded The Art of Better Preaching—to teach the preaching lessons I so desperately needed when I first started preaching. It’s not a magic, silver-bullet solution to all your communicating problems. And it’s certainly not a collection of ready-to-use, heart-warming analogies about puppies. Instead, it’s a series of lessons, tips, and tricks that will make your preaching better—from preparation to delivery.

Mark Clark, Lead Pastor of the rapidly growing Village Church, and I combined our best insights to develop 12 master sessions that will walk you through the steps you need to take to create, write, and deliver better sermons.


How to Discover Power in the Text (And Use it to Drive Your Sermon)


How to Easily Ditch Your Sermon Notes and Why it Will Boost Engagement


5 Keys to Preaching Sermons to Unchurched People that Will Keep them Coming Back


How to Keep Your Heart and Your Mind Fresh Over the Long Run

Trusted by Over 2,000 Pastors


"Carey is a leader of leaders. His podcast, books and teachings have had a profound impact on my life and leadership." - Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor & New York Times Best Selling Author

"Mark is one of the next generation's best communicators...honest, inspirational and encouraging." - Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor at Bayside Church

"Very few people have the giftedness of my friend Carey Nieuwhof. He has the ability to understand the importance and development of clarity, culture, processes, growth - all while communicating the purpose of the church." - Caleb Kaltenbach, Author of Messy Grace


Mark Clark is the founding pastor of Village Church in Vancouver, Canada, one of the fastest growing multi-site churches in North America.
He combines frank and challenging biblical preaching with real world application and apologetics to speak to both Christians and skeptics alike, confronting questions, doubts, and assumptions about Christianity. His sermons have millions of downloads per year from over 120 different countries.


Carey Nieuwhof is a former lawyer and the founding pastor of Connexus Church in Barrie, Ontario, one of the most influential churches in North America. He is a well sought after speaker, podcaster, and thought leader, appearing at major US conferences and events such as Orange, Exponential, SXSW and Lifeway's Pipeline Leadership Conference. With millions of listeners regularly tuning in, The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast features today's top leaders and cultural influencers.

The Course - 12 Sessions & Bonuses

This 12-lesson video course also comes with an interactive workbook designed to help you start applying what you learned, right away. This is, after all, a course on preaching better starting immediately (as in next weekend). The online course will show you proven strategies for communicating more clearly and effectively (with less stress than you ever thought possible).

 Each session includes a video training from Carey, Mark, or both, and workbook that will help you apply the lesson to a key component of your preaching.


No-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. It matters to me that this makes an actual difference for you and your church. If you're not satisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, just shoot us an email within 30 days ( for a full, immediate refund.


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