The Online Course That Helps Stuck Churches Grow

Does This Describe Your Church?

Your church isn't growing, despite your hopes and dreams.

Young adults don't seem interested.

Volunteers are hard to recruit.

Your church is scared of change.

And the culture is changing so fast it's hard to know what to do.

How do you begin to turn things around?

In this video course, I lead you and your team through seven conversations that will help your church grow.

This video course is a companion to my best selling book, Lasting Impact: 7  Powerful Conversations That Will Help Your Church Grow.

What if the potential for your church to grow is greater than your potential to decline?

That's what this course will guide you through.


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7 Powerful Sessions Built Around These Questions

1. Why Is Our Church Not Growing Faster?

2. How Do We Respond As People Attend Church Less Often?

3. Are Our Leaders Healthy…Really?

4. What Keeps High Capacity Leaders From Engaging Our Mission?

5. Why Are Young Adults Walking Away From Our Church?

6. What Cultural Trends Are We Missing?

7. What Are We Actually Willing To Change?

What Leaders Are Saying

"I promise Lasting Impact will get your heart excited about what Jesus is going to do in and through you and your church and get your mind ready to embrace the changes necessary for growth."

– Perry Noble

"Carey has become one of the most prominent and needed voices in church leadership today. I think the reason we read and listen to him so much is he is balanced, wise and incredibly practical. Lasting Impact is not just another resource -- here is one you can process quickly, but immediately begin to implement and grow a stronger church."

- Ron Edmondson, blogger and Senior Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church (Lexington, KY)

"I believe churches should grow because every number has a name. At the same time, church growth is personal for leaders, and that can be dangerous. When attendance is up, you feel good about yourself. When attendance is down, you think about going into another line of work. This is one of the many reasons I'm grateful Carey has written his Lasting Impact. It's practical advice for leaders who want to grow their church and remain emotionally healthy in the process."

- Jeff Henderson, Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church

"Carey is not only one of the most prolific thinkers of this generation, but one of the most practical. Lasting Impact is insightful and in a league of its own when it comes to applicability. This book is a must read."

- Joshua Gagnon, Lead Pastor, Next Level Church

"There are people that talk about church growth and people who actually grow churches. Carey is the latter. Lasting Impact is a masterpiece of practical steps to reach your community for Jesus. Lasting Impact should be required reading for pastors."

- Casey Graham, Founder, The Rocket Company

"Very few people have the giftedness of my friend Carey Nieuwhof. He has the ability to understand the importance and development of clarity, culture, processes, growth--all while communicating the purpose of the church. Lasting Impact has some of Carey's best leadership thoughts on these issues."

- Caleb Kaltenbach, author of Messy Grace

"For my money no one speaks to the needs of today's pastor better than Carey Nieuwhof. A lot of people will give you opinions; Carey gives you practical solutions. Lasting Impact will not only answer the questions you're asking, it will answer the questions you should be asking."

- Lane Jones, Director of North Point Ministries Strategic Partner Group

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