The online course that helps you get your life and leadership back.

High Impact leader

So you can't find the time to get it all done?

Constant interruptions and distractions keep many leaders from getting their most important priorities accomplished. In addition, work keeps bleeding into family time.

What if you didn’t need to live that way anymore? Can you have a much higher impact at work and get your life back on track? Well, actually, you can.

The 10-session High Impact Leader online course will show you highly practical, proven strategies on how to finally get time, energy, and priorities working in your favor. Each session includes a video training and workbook that will help you personalize a plan to help you get productive and accomplish the very things you know are most important, but rarely have the time for.

Why invest in The High Impact Leader? Because it's time to get your life and leadership back.

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10 Practical Sessions

The High Impact Leader's 10 sessions will show you how to capture time, energy and priorities so you can do what you're best at when you're at your best. Do the course at your personal pace and convenience.

More Than Ideas

Each session builds on the next and shows you how to get time, energy and resources finally working in your favour.

Focused Execution

These aren't just tips or insights. These are strategies that will help you get your life and leadership back, and have you operating at a whole new level of impact at work, at home, in life.

What Leaders are saying about The High Impact Leader Online Course:


"Carey is a leader of leaders. His podcast, books and teachings have had a profound impact on my life and leadership. This course will alter the way you manage time and manage priorities!" 

Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor, National Community Church and New York Times Bestselling Author


"Productivity is my love language and that's why I eagerly devoured Carey's insights. The High Impact Leader has helped me do the right tasks at the right time with better results for me, our team, and those we serve."

Kara Powell, PhD, Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute and co-author of Growing Young


"Carey’s course was the perfect way for our team to prepare for the new year. Our team, both collectively and individually, took a fresh look at maximizing our time and leadership gifts for the year ahead. I highly recommend this leadership development resource for you and your team."

Jeff Henderson, Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church

The Course

This 10-lesson video course also comes with an online workbook practical exercises designed to help you get between 3 hours a week back to 3 hours a day back. That's somewhere between 150 and 1000 hours of newfound productivity in the first year alone.

The 10 Sessions

  1. Time
  2. Three Leadership Assets
  3. Chart Your Energy
  4. Chart Your Tasks
  5. Sync Your Time and Energy
  6. Decide Ahead of Time (What)
  7. Decide Ahead of Time (Who)
  8. Move to a Fixed Calendar
  9. Learn How to Say No Nicely
  10. Stick With It


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