New Name.  Refreshed Content. 

The High Impact Leader strategy helped thousands of leaders get their time, energy and priorities working in their favor. It’s now called At Your Best.

Through The High Impact Leader, thousands of leaders grew their organizations, advanced their careers, launched new ventures, were far more present at home and took regular time off - it helped them do what they’re best at, while being at their best.

And that’s what At Your Best will do for you. 

Built on the same principles of getting time, energy and priorities working in your favor, you can think of At Your Best as The High Impact Leader 2.0. 

Whatever your goals and dreams are in life, when you apply the strategies inside At Your Best, you’ll have built a life that you no longer want to escape from. Instead, you might actually start loving it.



"I Found The Time To Work on the Book I Have Always Wanted to Write"


I never had the opportunity to work on the things that were truly important because I was constantly doing the things that "needed done now" rather than working on things that had more significant long term impact.


I spend more time (actually present) with my family. I am significantly less stressed out. I found the time to work on the book I have always wanted to write. I have begun the process of pitching to publishers, created my author FB page, and started my blog.

I'm significantly less stressed out and more present with my kids. I am not overwhelmed nearly as often by the parts of my job that don't give me joy or fill my cup, which translates to a more joyful mom. Because of my fixed calendar, I can communicate to my kids when I am "at work" and when I am not. Before, I was always kind of both.


"When I am off work, I am actually off work."


My biggest struggle was keeping my schedule in such a way that I could keep a sustainable pace. I kept running close to burnout and then I would have a week where I almost did nothing. It was a 2 month to 3 month cycle. I was continuing a cycle of making a small change in a self care emergency, and then going back at it.


Now when I am off work, I am actually off work, so family became a priority in my time allocation. I lost 70lb by changing diet, exercising and valuing sleep. I now have time for self care that is more holistic. I’m focused on modifying my week to put value on family, and high impact areas of ministry, in my case preaching and leadership development.

Father standing and watching his son playing football in a school tournament on a clear sky and sunny day. Sport, outdoor active, lifestyle, happy family and soccer mom & soccer dad concept.

"Because I'm more efficient at work, I never miss a practice or game that my son is involved in."


I was never in control of my time or schedule. Because of that, I was saying 'yes' to the wrong things. Priorities never got the attention they needed.


The High Impact Leader taught me to control my schedule, time, energy, and capacity, which allowed me to get more done. Because I'm more efficient at work, I never miss a practice or game that my son is involved in. I also have more time to spend with my daughter and wife.

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