So this is it.  The public launch of Connexus
Barrie, soon to be followed next weekend by the public launch of our
Orillia campus.  In so many ways, everything changes this weekend.  But
let me tell you how it’s changing most for me.

It’s changing most because people I know who have given up on church
or who have never been to church are coming. Like you, I invited
people.  For me, as a church leader, that changes everything.
Everything I process as we head into the weekend is not about my
experience or my engagement, but about the engagement of my friends and
how they will relate to God , and how we can create an irresistible,
relevant environments that lead people into a growing relationship with

I just know how important this Jesus thing really is — not just for
me, but for everybody. And as so many of us have invited friends to
join us over these next few weekends, think about what’s at stake.

I think first of all that most people really do want to know God.
They’re pretty sure He’s real — they just want to know Him. They’re
hoping we can help a post-modern, cynical culture engage in hope.
They’re also wondering what to do with all their "stuff".  Will they be
judged by how they look?  Judged for what’s going on in their lives and
thoughts?  Will they be respected?  Loved? Accepted?  Not just by God,
but by us?

Will they find a home for their doubts and fears?  A place where
they can be real?  Will their relationships that are dangling by a
thread be rekindled?  Will their hearts come alive again?  Will their
family find life? Will they begin to hope again?

Will we respect those who don’t want to be engaged because they are
amazed that the walls are still standing now that they’re in ‘church?"
Will we welcome those who want a real greeting with a smile and an open
heart?  Will we respect where people are at and let God make a deep

The church isn’t for us.  It’s for the world.  It’s for everybody.
And I’m glad that day is finally approaching. I’m glad that
everything’s changing.   I’ll be praying for my friends, and your
friends — for everybody.


  1. Dave and Gen on December 5, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    Dec. 2 in Barrie was wonderful..Praise the Lord You indicated "the church is not for us" but we are the church, the body of Christ.. WE pray pray that others will meet and see Christ in all of we grow and walk daily with Him.God Bless.

  2. Tracy Wallace on December 2, 2007 at 10:39 am

    Prayed for you all consistently last night and this morning. I'm sure all your hard work and prayers and faith will pay off in ways you never imagined.

    Love the new website by the way, awesome and simple. Love simple. Might have to visit Barrie someday 🙂

    Tracy Wallace.

  3. ChrisO on November 30, 2007 at 8:33 am

    Hey, Carey
    Loved this post. You are right on here – and I'll be praying that the Lord will strengthen you body and soul for this journey – that He'll be glorified – and many will come, not just to Connexus, but to Christ this Christmas! Be bold and strong and very courageous! Joshua 1:9-10 (from another PCC colleague)

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