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What's Up @ Orangeology

So it seems like right after going to bed last night, it’s time to his the shower and start again. 

Today we’ll hear from people like Francis Chan and Donald Miller.  I’m teaching on how to simplify your church ministry model and doing  breakout together with Reggie Joiner about what it was like to work with Andy Stanley and what we can learn from that (which is kind of interesting, since I’ve never worked directly for Andy Stanley, but I guess that means’ I’m the ‘here are the principles we can learn about this’ kind of guy.)

Plus, today our friends from Global TV are hanging out with me all day today.  They are filiming today as part of the one hour Kevin Newman special they are creating on what churches are doing to reach people who don’t go to church.

Hey, Connexus friends – once again your story is being told at Orange to encourage other leaders to take bold risks.  There’s a two page write up in the Orange Conference book about your incredible faith in starting Connexus.  Reggie also had fun explaining why we left a building we built to move into a theater church so that, like a loving father, we could reach more people who were missing.  I’m so grateful for you and proud of you!

If you want pics, check out Dan Scott’s blog.

Hey, one last but most important thing – happy birthday to my completely sweet bride, Toni! It will be great to hang out together again today.


  1. Hunsicker on November 28, 2019 at 4:24 am

    I saw your publications earlier, but this one I consider the very best.

  2. travis Spencer on April 29, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    Orange is GREAT STUFF. I was in your workshop.
    I've also blogged some thoughts from Orange. Great stuff.


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