It’s so easy in a culture that is always on to the next and greatest to wonder what happens next.  I know I have that default to my personality.  While that kind of characteristic can produce great things, it can also be a bit unhelpful. 

I ask the question in light of the fact that by the grace of God, we’ve launched two campuses for Connexus in the last two weeks.  It’s been an amazing journey — one we’ve seen the hand of God in over and over again.  We’re so grateful.  But even as we celebrate these launches, people are saying "where’s your next campus?"  Naturally I answer
that we have plans for Muskoka and even Toronto, but right now I feel
like there is so much still do to here.

I think what’s next for us is taking something that is really quite good (our two campuses as they open), and that we’re thrilled with to start, and making them better and better week by week.  Not only do we need to get a few bugs out of the system (people have been so gracious), but even after we reach a level at which we feel "satisfied", there is so much more to do.

Ultimately, we want to make every environment we run all it can be.  Community groups change lives as people intersect with God and each other.  So does Waumba Land, our infant environment.  We want those environments — and all the ones we run — to be leveraged in the best way possible to help people grow in their relationship with God.  Rather than being generalists — trying to do a whole lot — we want to be specialists, choosing a few things and doing them optimally.

As we tweak each environment, make what we do better and more conducive to God’s work and to life-change, we’ll see more and more people realize how simple it is to have a real relationship with God. 

What things are you already doing this week in your life that with a little prayer and attention, can go from simply being good, to being great?   And how would your life be used by God if things truly went from being very good, to realizing their full potential?


  1. Doris Schuster on December 12, 2007 at 7:37 am

    Wow, Allen! What an amazing way to explain real faith. What a great way to explain to newer believers how to show their faith to others. The fact that the seeing eye DOG, who guides the blind, becomes GOD when spelled backwards makes it easy to show others that God guides us in all ways. Your explanation will help me to explain to others too.

  2. Allen Forget on December 10, 2007 at 9:58 am

    It always amazes me how you come up with a topic of discussion when I have had recent thoughts and experiences about the same thing. Weird.

    You are right when you say that in our current culture we are always on the look out for “what’s next”. I had that very question ask to me from someone new to the Christian faith from a more spiritual side. At first the question somewhat startled me. I thought to myself “why is she asking me this”? I mean this is the kingdom of God why should there be anything else, “ don’t you get it”? I also thought “why are you asking me’? I did not think that I was worthy of answering that question! What I realized thankfully in the 3 or 4 seconds that I had to respond (our culture does demand high speed just like our internet services eh?!) was that once you profess your faith in Jesus that this is only the beginning of the journey to our Lord that we are all on and here was someone who was asking me for “directions”.

    Many people who would call themselves Christians and who have followed the faith for a long time would probably not be able to answer this question because it is their knowledge of the faith that actually makes it more difficult to remember what it was like to be at that initial stage of their walk with Jesus. It is difficult to unlearn what you have learned. I had a teacher in high school that was brilliant in the field of electronics. I am sure that the school thought that they were lucky to have such a skilled person in a teaching role. In the two years I took electronics we had a 50% drop out rate from the class and of the remaining only 50% passed the class itself. Here was the problem; he could not teach what he knew. He could not unlearn what he knew to remember what it was like to know nothing and then to teach someone based on that condition. Anyone else have one of those teachers? (I passed by the way)

    Anyway back to the question. At the very moment of response to this persons question about “what’s next” I suddenly was overcome with a great answer. ( not really an answer but a question ). I asked her "where she thought she was"! I went on to explain to her that I could not tell her what the next “turn” was until I knew where she was coming from. Does that not make sense? How can anyone give directions to someone when they don’t know where they are starting! I asked her to think about this question and speak to me about it in short time.

    A couple of days after that I was out shopping and I was standing in a checkout line as I suddenly noticed a dog standing a few people behind me. My immediate thought was “why did someone bring their dog into the grocery store, that is against the rules”. It only took me a moment to realize this dogs purpose. The person holding the dog was blind and this was a Seeing Eye dog. As I stood there I was overcome with a thought about faith and about the very question of “what’s next”. I realized that here was a person who had to have incredible FAITH in that dog. Here was a person who showed his dog to everyone. He had to show his dog because he relied on this dog for his every movement, for his care and for his well being. He had to have complete and utter FAITH in this dog. His FAITH was in his dog! I thought to myself “I wonder if people can see my faith? I wonder if people can see my DOG? I pondered this question for a few days and I was compelled to do something. ( please don’t think I am weird ). I wrote the word DOG on a sticky note and stuck it on my chest then stood in front of a mirror to see if people could see my DOG. You know what I saw? When you spell DOG backwards you get GOD! WOW!

    “What’s next”? Here is your answer. Can people see your DOG? Can a stranger see your faith at work in your life? Does your GOD ring as clear as that Seeing Eye dog? Do you put that much FAITH into who is leading you around? Can you tell someone honestly who is leading you around?
    The answer was that she needed to believe, without a doubt, of the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in her life and that she needed to let go and have FAITH that this GOD will lead her even if she closes her eyes as if she were blind. I told her that it would be the challenge of her life to do this but it would be worth it. (everyone loves a good challenge don’t they?) I asked her to perform a good deed to a stranger even if it meant inconveniencing her at that time. I challenged her to “show her God to someone” and that this would lead her down the path of an amazing journey in life and that this very act of “showing your God” was the first step.

    Can people see your “Seeing Eye Dog”? It OK because it's not against the rules!

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