Taking a break mid-way through a family day to blog for a few minutes.  It’s my son Sam’s twelfth birthday today, so we went skiing.  We had some passes that had been given to us (thank you!), so off we went.

I learned to ski as an adult, so the first few runs of the year are always testing grounds. It went well.  But after a few hours, I was reminded that it’s not really the skiing I like as it is the people I get to go with.  The time with Sam and Toni was awesome (Jordan was in driver’s school all day).  I’ll go skiing any day with friends and family, but I thought as far as I’m concerned, I could never ski down a hill again and be content.  It’s the people I enjoy far more than the activity.

I learned that lesson about golf a few years ago.  I’d always loved golf…got totally into it as a teen.  But a few years ago it finally dawned on me that it wasn’t golf I loved…it was that golf reminded me of many hours spent with my dad growing up on golf courses. He and I always used to play golf together as kids. It wasn’t golf that turned my crank (witness my scorecard); it was the company I loved.

Sure, I’m totally grateful for many things to do, but I’d trade it all in any day for relationships I cherish.  Funny that our culture seems to be based on the opposite — that acquisition and experiences are the key to happiness.

I think in heaven, relationship will be central.  I’m not nearly as excited about what it will look like or how we’ll spend our time, but instead I’m thrilled about this: unbroken relationship with God, unbroken relationships with people.  How cool will that be?  I could do that into eternity.

Thanks Sam, for the best gift of all on your birthday — your company.

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  1. Dave and Gen on January 7, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    Wow, sunday in Orillia was great… warm spirit and fellowship, caring people and food for the soul..Heros Are you one? or who is yours?..One of the best times I experienced at christmas was when our eleven year old, (just about twelve) wanted to snuggle with me in bed.. What a wonderful time of loving and sharing.. A grandma with a grand-daughter..Thank you Lord for providing the way for such time well spent..

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