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Virtual Reality

One of the cool things about launching Connexus is that we have gone virtual to a deeper level than we’ve gone before.    Far more ministry is happening on line than we’ve experienced before.  Our geographic base is expanded and we literally have contact with people through this blog and the Connexus site from across North American and globally. I know this is part of a much wider trend in ministry, but I’m just
personally thankful to have this dialogue happening in so many diverse places.

This blog draws hundreds of readers each day.  The Connexus blog does the same.  Hundreds of people download or view the weekend messages via our website or iTunes. 

I’d love for you to go to this post this morning on the Connexus blog that talks about our upcoming six month anniversary.  If in some way, God has used this ministry to impact you, tell us.  We’d love to hear it about it.  Even though many in this blog’s community are virtual attenders, the change that God can effect in each of our lives is real.

We have a lot to learn and much more to do in the future, but we’re already grateful for what has been and how good God is.   Thanks for being part of what God is doing. 


  1. carey nieuwhof on April 22, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    sorry to be late on this post, but my thought when reading your comment Mike is that I was now going to have to blog on envy. darn you.

    hope you are having an awesome time!

  2. Michael Creasor on April 21, 2008 at 10:10 pm


    Enjoying your blog and keeping up with what is going on with our friends at Connexus while we are here in Hawaii.


    See you Sunday !!

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