Top 10 Podcast Episodes of 2016

So what conversations and subjects resonated most with leaders in 2016?

Well, for easy reference, here are the Top 10 podcast episodes from my leadership podcast for the year.

I released over 60 episodes in 2016, but below are the ones you loved the most.

Thank you for making 2016 the best year for the leadership podcast yet. If you’re like me, podcasts have become one of the main ways I catch ideas from other leaders. I almost always listen to podcasts when I’m doing something else (driving, cycling, working out, cutting the grass etc.) It’s my favourite way to grow when I’m on the go.

You shared it with more leaders than ever. You gave incredibly helpful feedback. You left ratings and reviews, and you gave guests great feedback on their contribution.

You are truly are the best…and I do hope the weekly podcasts and periodic bonus episodes really do help you lead like never before.

We also hit a two milestones in 2016. In April, we hit a million downloads, which was incredible. For a podcast that launched in September 2014, to reach a million so quickly was great.

But then in mid-December, we hit 2 million downloads. Crazy, right? It took 20 months to reach 1 million downloads, but then just 8 months to reach 2 million. That’s because you’re letting others know about it.

So to celebrate, on January 1st 2017, I’m releasing a special bonus episode of the podcast to mark 2 million downloads, and announcing in that episode how you can win free Starbucks. I’m giving away free Starbucks every day from January 1-10th. Details on how to win are in the bonus episode.

If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast yet, it’s easy and free. Pick your platform of choice and you’re off to the races.

So here we go. These are the top 10 most downloaded episodes of 2016.


#1. CNLP 112: Les McKeown on Predictable Success

How do some organizations and churches get themselves into a place of regular, predictable success? It’s less mysterious than you think.

Author and business leader Les McKeown takes you through the seven stages of every organization’s life cycle, from early struggle to death rattle, and shows you how to find predictable success.

Here’s the link to the show notes.

#2. CNLP 111: Todd Wilson on How to Find Your True Calling

Wonder if you’ll ever find your real calling? Are you called to ministry? How would you know?

An ex-engineer with the US nuclear navy, Todd Wilson answered a call to ministry, founding Exponential and many other things as a Kingdom entrepreneur. His latest venture is to help leaders find their true calling, and in this episode, he tells you what to look for to find your calling.

Here’s the link to the show notes.

#3. CNLP 115: Sean Seay on Winning In Leadership While Failing At Home (And How He Got Healthy)

Sean Seay founded what by all means is a very successful church, reaching thousands. But while things were going well at work, they really fell apart at home.

Sean takes us through an incredibly candid conversation about what he needed to deal with as a person, leader, husband, father and Christ-follower, and how he got healthy.

Here’s the link to the show notes.

#4.  CNLP 114: Jeff Brodie, Carey Nieuwhof and Jeff Henderson on Navigating a Successful Transition: Stepping Out of And Into the Lead Pastor’s Chair

In late 2015, I stepped out of the Lead Pastor role at Connexus Church (the only role I’ve ever had) and assumed a new role as Founding and Teaching Pastor, while Jeff Brodie became the new Lead Pastor. A year into the transition, by all accounts, the move has been a success.

Jeff Henderson—Lead Pastor of Gwinnett Church near Atlanta— interviews me and Jeff about why they made the change, how we did it, what worked and where the tension has been.

Here’s the link to the show notes.

#5. CNLP 113: unSeminary’s Rich Birch on Why Some Churches Beat the Odds and Grow

Rich Birch has worked for three large churches that have launched over a dozen new locations, and he’s seen many small and mid-sized churches turn things around.

What’s their secret? They do unreasonable things.

Here’s the link to the show notes.

#6 CNLP 098: Becoming a High Capacity Leader – Deconstructing Frank Bealer’s Habits and Schedule

What are the habits and disciplines that make high capacity leaders, high capacity? I interview Frank Bealer, who became President of an Insurance Company at age 23 and has continued to be promoted into positions of high influence and responsibility at a young age.

Frank shares his strategy, approach and schedule in detail with a view to helping you get better at what you do.

Here’s the link to the show notes.

#7 CNLP 108: Tony Morgan on Why Churches Get Stuck…and How to Get Your Church Moving Again

Why do churches get stuck? Tony Morgan visits dozens of stuck churches every year and helps them get unstuck.

He shares his findings and shares some top learnings on how to get your church moving again.

Here’s the link to the show notes.

#8 CNLP 109: Chuck Swindoll on How He Interprets the Scripture and Stays Fresh in Leadership

Few preachers have the legacy that Chuck Swindoll has.

Author of many books and thousands of sermons, Chuck discusses his most recent book, Searching the Scriptures, and the method he uses to stay fresh in preaching and leadership.

Here’s the link to the show notes.

#9 CNLP 117: Why You’re Always So Disappointed—Getting Over Expectation Hangover with Christine Hassler

Ever find yourself disappointed…again and again. Ever wonder why?

Ever find yourself disappointed…again and again? Ever wonder why? Christine Hassler is a life coach (with roots in Christianity) who coaches Hollywood stars, business leaders and others on how to cure expectation hangover.

Here’s the link to the show notes.

#10 CNLP 105: Dan Reiland – 35 Years of Wisdom from An Exceptional Church Leader

Dan Reiland talks about what it’s been like to work with John Maxwell for over 30 years, about how they vritually created the role of Executive Pastor, and what he’s learning serving as the XP of one of the largest churches in the country (12 Stone).

Dan even tells us the top 5 leadership lessons of all time that he learned from John Maxwell.

Here’s the link to the show notes.

What About You?

Got any personal faves not on this list? Scroll down and leave a comment!

Top 10 Podcast Episodes of 2016

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