Things I Learned: 2010 in Review (1)

I’d love to hear what some of your key insights for 2010 were.  Here’s a random sharing of some of the best learnings I’ve had in 2010:

  • What people get involved in becomes the mission. My friend Fred Stewart shared this with me in the spring as we were reviewing a talk I was doing. It resonated so deeply. It’s why people leave your church when their favourite program shuts down.  They’ve lost their place.  They’ve misconstrued the mission.  It made my commitment to a simple model of church even stronger. If people only get involved in things that are core to the mission, then you end up with a much greater chance of seeing a missionally aligned community.
  • You have less time than you think, but more influence that you realize. We sent my oldest son off to college in September.  To say it flew is an understatement.  Obviously our relationship is still influential – even critical in his life and ours.  And despite all my miscues as a parent, my 18 years of shaping him and influencing him at home is complete.  For better or worse, we’ve shaped him.  I had less time than I thought, and more influence than I realized.
  • There is a world of difference in trusting God for something, and simply trusting God. I know that’s not new, but it really hit home this year.  In fact, I’m preaching a series around it in spring 2011 called “Three Letter Word”.  The three letter word?  “For”.  If I could stop trusting God for things and simply trust God, where would my relationship with God be?  I’m anxious to find out.

I’ll share some more tomorrow.

What did you learn this year that stuck with you?  What are you learning about the things I’ve shared above?


  1. Scott Cochrane on December 30, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    Your second learning is one that really resonates Carey. In 2010 I became increasingly aware of the ‘influence’ you mention, not merely through the leadership role I play with Willow Canada, but moreso in the lives of younger leaders in my world. Recognizing that younger leaders are looking to you as a leadership ‘role model’ carries great responsibility and tremendous opportunity.

    • Carey on December 30, 2010 at 4:38 pm

      So true. And at the heart of influence is character. Talk about pressure! But we have a God who supplies mercy and grace again and again.

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