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The Sound of Silence

Thanks for all the dialogue and challenging thoughts this week.  Love the exchange.

Yesterday, we had an important meeting about campus expansion with some staff, elders and key leaders.  It was a great meeting, but to prepare, we were encouraged to "fast" something to get us ready for our dialogue.  We were given options for fasting: no food, give up tv or whatever.

I gave up music for the day.  At first I thought it was a trivial choice, but I’m glad I did a music fast.

I parked my iPod during my morning treadmill time, giving me an extra thirty minutes of prayer after my usual devotion time.  I kept the radio off entirely all day in the car (that NEVER happens), giving me another 45 minutes of prayer/reflection in the car driving to and from our offices.  My day in the office was very quiet too – no music.

I realized how loud my day usually is and how much I fill up empty space with sound.  What’s cool is I feel like I heard from God deeply yesterday.  I feel like He made some progress in my life in areas where my heart needed attention. This shouldn’t be a surprise at all because one of the lost spiritual disciplines of the last 2000 years of Christianity is silence.

How loud is your life?  How often do you feel like you hear from God, really?  I may just keep the volume off more often.  What about you?

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  1. Tracy Wallace on April 10, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    Yes, very fascinating to witness and be part of. I know of one church nearby where once per month the leaders are taken to a remote site for a prayer day. Sometimes it's just a park or whatever but all staff must attend and everyone just has their own space to reflect and be with God.

    Rob Bell also does a great Nooma video on this called Noise if you have a chance to see it, I found it very thought provoking.

    Thanks for the reminder. I turned the radio off in the car a long time ago and seldom have it on now. I find I do some of my best talking with God during the 8-10 times I'm in the car in a typical day. The silence also encourages some good dialogue with my kids that I wouldn't get with the noise either.

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