This has been a pretty amazing season.  It has been actually quite challenging to launch two campuses in a very short time frame and begin ministry all over again from scratch.

But it will actually be hard for me to describe how encouraged I’ve felt these last few months.  Even as we went through some very difficult passages, the overwhelming feeling of encouragement has been remarkable.

Let me cut right through to the heart of it.  I honestly don’t think a day has gone by in the last two months in which someone has failed to send an encouraging email, note or post on the blog. I’ve gotten hundreds of emails, dozens of cards, scads of blog comments and facebook messages that are variations of "this is amazing…keep going…God is moving…thanks for stepping out in faith…." 

I have been amazed at how much these encouraging words have fueled not just me, but our whole team.

I think we underestimate how discouraging life can be…how empty it can feel when you feel all alone…cut off from community…isolated.  And I think we underestimate how much a word of encouragement can put the wind back in just about everybody’s sails.

In so many ways, when we encourage each other, we reflect God’s fundamental disposition toward us.  He made a decision a long time ago that He would be for us.  When God was free to choose to cut us off and leave us alone, in love He came in Jesus and decided He would make a way for us to cut through this mess and find Him and find each other.  God is for us.  God is an encourager.

None of this means we won’t have tough moments, hard conversations, even painful decisions to make. These are a part of life and a part of our relationship with God – our faith walk. But when you can make them in an atmosphere of love, kindness, respect and support, somehow everything changes.  Probably the thing I like most about Connexus these days is that I see this community and the broader community we’re a part of operating in a sphere of encouragement, of support, of love.

God is for you and me today.  That’s a pretty powerful thought.  Is there someone you might encourage today? Because having been encouraged by God Himself, it would be a shame to keep that to ourselves.


  1. D Miller on December 5, 2007 at 6:34 pm

    Nice post!
    "God is for us"
    We are praying for you and the team…look forward to meeting all of you one day

  2. june stables on December 5, 2007 at 11:37 am

    I so love the statement that God made a decision a long time ago that he would be for us. (this was even while we were sinners and apart from God) If our job is to imitate God, we should decide to be an encouragement to everyone as much as we can, and when we feel we can't, let us trust that God will change them through his Spirit or through those whom he has placed in their lives for good. Life is very hard for a lot of people a lot of the time, people need encouragement on a daily basis. I am glad to hear that you and the ministry people are getting a lot of it. God's love is working as it should then. The Lord has promised good to us as long as life endures. Praise His Holy Name.

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