So what if you every time you sinned, someone had to die? 


I’m reading through Leviticus in the Old Testament, and that’s what happened every time someone sinned intentionally or unintentially.  Some one or some thing had to die.  A goat. A bull.  A turtledove. Some wheat (okay, no one would feel sorry for the wheat, I guess). 

Could you imagine explaining to your kids why you had to kill a bird because you fought with your wife?  Why the priest had to kill and burn a heifer because you  weren’t honest on your tax return or because you were jealous of your neighbour’s plasma tv?   

Could you imagine keeping a body count over the span of your life?

I think I would approach sin and confession differently if there was a death as a direct result every time I messed up my life.

And that’s the irony, isn’t it?

Someone did give His life because I messed up mine.  Once and for all, he gave His life.

I would just encourage all of us to think this through this weekend.  It’s a sacrifice that makes me shudder, and makes me not only want to confess, but to turn — to repent.  To change.  To not take in vain God’s love expressed for me in Jesus on the cross.

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