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So here’s more breakdown on my issue, when I move from "pole" to "pole" in confession.  At some points, I’m so aware of my sin that I get stuck there — believing that given my state God can’t use me for anything.  This can lead to paralysis.  Jesus didn’t die for our sin merely so we would be aware of our sin or sorry for it.  He died to conquer it.  To kill it.  To put it to death so life, not death, could reign in our bodies and lives.

When I’m at the other extreme and not in confession mode at all and probably want to run a small universe on my own power, I’m in double trouble.  Not only do I miss what’s really going on (I am sinning and making mistakes), but I’m missing grace and missing real power. Confession isn’t an act of punishment, it’s an act of mercy motivated by love on God’s part.  When I don’t confess, I miss that completely. 

Christ’s real power comes when I can own up to who I really am and realize that in Him this is not who I need to be.  He has a better way — there is hope, and it is possible today to live in that reality of forgiveness and possibility (change) in this moment, right now.

What are the rest of you thinking?  What’s the struggle for you? Share more of your stories…your journal.  I’d like to dig deeper. 

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  1. june on February 28, 2008 at 11:14 am

    Indeed, Jesus did not die for our sin merely so we could be aware of it or sorrow for it, he died so our sin would be paid for.
    I think sometimes Christians miss the most important part of his great sarifice in paying for our sin, paid for once and for all, it's covered in God's eyes. Now confession comes in because when we still sin,and we all do, we break fellowship with the Spirit and are less effective for God than he plans for us to be. When we confess our sin, he is faithful to forgive us and we can move on without hindrince to everything God has for us. To hide our sin, or pretend we don't have any just hinders the Kingdom from coming in fullness to our lives. Unfortunately, I think a lot of believers think of sin as something to measure one against the other and therefore many are very reluctant to confess sin to one another so they may be healed because they feel others will judge them and this is not the purpose that God intended for confession but rather to admit, confess and move on forgetting what is behind and pressing on to the high calling in God as forgiven and free to be all that God paid for. THis is the way I understand the sin described in the Bible. It is something we are, not so much what we do, so we need to change our hearts and renew our minds. This is my understanding of Sin and Confession.

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