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The Great Reversal (A Canadian At Buckhead)

Okay, I saw the weirdest thing today for a Canadian boy on the road.  Remember, I come from a country where 85% of people don’t go to church and the other 15% lie (okay, well, I still don’t believe 15% actually go to church).

Toni and I went to Buckhead Church this morning (awesome service!!), which is in the Buckhead neighbourhood of uptown Atlanta.  I saw the most disorienting thing.  The line up of cars to get into the Buckhead parking lot went on for a block, which was cool.  I’ve seen that kind of thing before at North PointWillow Creek, Kensington and other great ministries I’ve been to on Sundays (a few times over the years it even happened in our neighbourhood).  But Buckhead is not a suburban church on 100 acres of land.  It’s urban. There are other buildings and shopping malls and stores all around it.

As Toni and left Buckhead church this morning, here’s what killed me — the rest of the streets were empty.  The mall parking lots were empty (even though the stores were open).  The MAIN thing happening Sunday morning was that people were gathering to worship God in a relevant environment – and they were inviting their friends.   (Buckhead has  ton of people who didn’t used to go to church.)

I dream of that day in my country.  Malls empty.  Churches full. People being sucked out of the malls and beaches (and hockey rinks) to experience the life change that only Jesus brings.  God, bring it on!


  1. Allen Forget on May 5, 2008 at 9:13 am

    How about using a tractor trailer stage set up like B101 radio has where the side folds down and the thing turns into a huge stage? You could roll up anywhere, pop the side down and have church right on the spot!

    How about a cinema in a mall with a Shoppers Drug Mart, Food Basics, Zellers and a TIM HORTONS to boot? Main Highway exposure too! Am I being a little to specific? Hey, we have that in Midland!LOL

  2. carey nieuwhof on May 3, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    or how about a cinema near a walmart?

  3. Allen Forget on May 2, 2008 at 8:43 am

    That would have been awesome to see! I cannot say that I have been a fan of Sunday shopping although you may catch me out there picking up a few things from time to time. I understand the business side of it though and that fact that many people would be without work if it wasn't for Sunday shopping. What inspired me here was that their malls were open and yet people put worshipping God first.
    Hey, here's an idea! If us Canadians are at the mall on Sundays ( or the beach ) maybe we should put our churches in the mall ( or even better, at the beach )and go to where the people are. What do ya think EH!

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