Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have access to?

I’m an active Art of Leadership Academy Member:

  • All online courses
  • Monthly Team Training
  • Monthly live-coaching calls and Q&A’s; and
  • A community of top-level peer learning and mentor-level guidance

If you’re an active member and are wondering how to get started, there are 3 easy steps in the ‘Welcome Course’ to access the App and start your first course.

I purchased a course:

If you purchased an individual course, you’ll forever have access to that course, but will not have access to the other parts of the Academy. If you would like to upgrade to the Membership, you can sign up here.

Did my course change?

The name of the course–or courses–that you’ve purchased may have changed. All of the content is the same or upgraded, just with a slightly different name. It’s still the same concepts, strategies, lessons, and materials as before.

You’ll see a complete list of the courses you have access to in the ‘Courses’ tab in your account menu.

How do I manage my membership?

You can manage your membership here: > Subscription

How do I update my payment method?

You can update the payment method for your subscriptions through the following steps:

  1. Go to My Account > Subscriptions > View your subscription
  2. Click the Change Payment button (scroll down if needed)
  3. Enter your new payment details

How do I change my name, email, or password?

You can manage your account details here: > Account Details.

How do I add or remove a team member? (Team plans only)

If you have a Team Plan, you can add and manage team members here:

If you are currently on an Individual Plan you can upgrade your account to a Team Plan here. After you have upgraded, go to your Account Settings and cancel your Individual Plan.