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21 Ways to Overcome Personal Discouragement

Ever get discouraged as a leader? It’s kind of like asking if you have a pulse. If you’ve led anything for more than a few months, you’ve been discouraged. Progress isn’t happening as fast as you like Or may it is happening quickly but you still feel like it’s not fast enough You’re coming off…

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5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Lead Better at Home

Remember your first date? You were so focused on making a great impression: You thought through where to take her about 1000 times. You were deeply interested in her and listened more than you spoke. You held the door open. You had only kind things to say. You even bought a new shirt. You were…

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Best Thing…Hardest Thing

I’ve got one of the best things in my life happening in the next few days, and I’m also up against one of the hardest disciplines I face. I’m going on vacation. That’s the best part.  Nine days starting today with the famous you-can-only-understand-this-if-you’re-Canadian 22 hour non stop drive to the FLA.  Seven nights to…

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Input v. Output

Most of us are running in top gear a surprising percentage of the time.  We feel like we need to do it because we have to accomplish things – even things for God. Question:  does your input exceed your output? If you are even a bit driven (like many of us are), you and I…

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Rhythm and Rest

So I’m having a non-productive day today.  A great breakfast meeting, but my focus started fading shortly thereafter.  No shortage of stuff to do and I don’t even want to take a nap – just not enough focus to accomplish anything significant. Question:  do our body and mind ever conspire to force us into time…

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