5 [New] Character Rules Every Leader Should Follow

Character has always been important, but it seems like it’s never been as important as it is now. There have been far too many stories of church leaders, business leaders, politicians, athletes and other public figures whose private walk has not measured up to their public talk and whose integrity has been far less than…

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5 Things Every Good Leader Knows About Themselves

What do you know about yourself? Well, probably more than anyone, right? And yet every one of us gets surprised when from time to time, our spouse points out something we had no idea we did or were like. Like telling you that you’re a loud eater (nobody can watch themselves eat), or that no,…

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7 Lies Most Pastors Tell

I’m a pastor and, I hate to say, I sometimes tell lies. Don’t get me wrong, I hate lying. And I try very hard to live a life of integrity. I’m guessing you do too. But do you ever let a lie… slip? Pastors are under relentless pressure to be ‘on’ all the time. As…

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What You Say In Private

You’ve seen it happen on twitter, or email.   Messages that were intended to be direct messages (DMs) or private replies go public instead, all because the sender hit the wrong button.  Fun times.  Especially if you enjoy mild heart attacks. Almost happened to me today on Gmail.  It turns out I did NOT send what…

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