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toxic people

How to Deal With Toxic People (7 Pro Tips)

Leadership would be so much easier, the saying goes, if it wasn’t for people. And topping off the list of difficult people to work with or lead is toxic people. The hard part is, as much as we might wish it was otherwise, toxic people are everywhere. Two questions spring up almost immediately when the…

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negative person

Five Ways To Minimize the Impact of a Negative Person

So I’m an optimist. When I first started in leadership, I thought that every person had potential. If someone was negative, I thought they were just one step away from seeing the light and becoming positive. As a few negative people came along, I decided to try to work alongside them. I kept giving them…

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Seven Signs You're Dealing with a Negative Person

While we’d all rather avoid it, negativity is a part of life. Even though it’s unavoidable, it can derail you – even stunt your progress – if you don’t know how to handle it. The first strategy for dealing with negative feedback is to determine whether you are dealing with negative feedback from a positive…

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