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3 Reasons Winning At Work Is Easier Than Winning At Home

How’s it going at home…really? Here’s what I’ve come to believe. Ultimately, everything rides on how you lead at home.  The stakes are high. Lead well at home, and you will inevitably become a better leader in your ministry or organization. The difficult issues you work through in your marriage and parenting will make you…

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hidden factors

9 Hidden Factors That Impact Your Life and Leadership

So you’ve noticed something. Your ability to lead well and live well seems to fluctuate. Some days (and seasons) you seem to be in top shape. You have energy and enthusiasm, a clear mind and your decision making is sharp. But on other days (and in other seasons) you’re sluggish, fuzzy or so burdened down…

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Best Thing…Hardest Thing

I’ve got one of the best things in my life happening in the next few days, and I’m also up against one of the hardest disciplines I face. I’m going on vacation. That’s the best part.  Nine days starting today with the famous you-can-only-understand-this-if-you’re-Canadian 22 hour non stop drive to the FLA.  Seven nights to…

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