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leverage Christmas

How To Make Christmas Your Best Outreach of the Year

Any idea what the best outreach opportunity of the year at your church might be? You might think it’s an event you do, or perhaps it’s Easter. But whether Christmas has historically been your best opportunity to reach unchurched people or not, I believe it could be. As our culture becomes more and more post-Christian, we’re seeing…

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copy a mega-church

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Copy a Mega-Church

If someone asked you who you’re following in today’s church landscape, you could probably answer with a list of 3-5 church leaders and perhaps 3-5 organizations to whom you’re paying close attention. Even if you say you don’t have a list, chances are you do. Your list might simply consist of critics of mega-church leaders or mega-churches. We all…

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3 Words to Banish From Your Leadership Vocabulary

Words matter when you’re a leader, and not all words are equally useful. In fact, you should banish at least three from your regular vocabulary. Nobody wins when you use these words regularly, and they might be damaging your leadership without you even realizing it. I end up using these words when I fail to…

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