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7 Things Every Leader Should Banish Starting Today

As a leader, there are things you do every day. Some help—others, not so much. I’ve found that as I’ve grown as a leader, I’ve regularly had to change how I think, how I lead and even what I say. Fortunately, there are hacks you can learn along the way that will help you get…

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Father James Mallon

CNLP 118: A Roman Catholic Every Evangelical Leader Needs to Get To Know – A Conversation with Father James Mallon

Often there’s a great divide between Protestants and Roman Catholics. But what if there’s more that unites us than we think? Father James Mallon leads a global movement that is revitalizing local parishes using many of the same methods that revitalize Protestant and evangelical churches. His findings have attracted the attention of Rick Warren, Nicky…

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emotional intelligence

5 Emotional Intelligence Hacks That Can Immediately Improve Your Leadership

How would you rate your emotional intelligence lately? It’s a relevant question for a few reasons. First, as the research Daniel Goleman brought forward two decades ago demonstrated, EQ (emotional intelligence) is a far greater predictor of leadership effectiveness than IQ. Second—and this is the fun part—emotional intelligence can be learned. It’s not genetic, and…

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opposition to change

13 Facts About Opposition To Change Too Many Leaders Miss

You’re probably trying to change something right now. And — if you’re honest — you’ve already thought about backing off. Change seems too difficult. You’ve watched friends get hurt trying to lead similar change. You’ve heard the voices of opposition get a little louder. You really don’t want to be afraid to open your inbox every morning. But what if…

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mistakes churches make

5 Basic Mistakes Churches Make Over and Over Again

It’s one thing to make mistakes in leadership. It’s another to make the same mistakes over and over again. Any idea what your frequent mistakes might be? And if you have mistakes that you make, why do you keep making the same ones over and over again? One of the reasons many leaders and organizations…

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