Last night we were at an academic awards ceremony at my son's high school.  Naturally, Toni and I were very grateful for what he accomplished.  But it was great to be in a room with kids who had achieved so much already in life. 

I was really struck by the words of the M.C. that night – a math teacher from the high school.  He simply said this:  "Success is a habit.  You might think that you are here because you were lucky or it was some fluke that you got here, but that's not true.  You worked hard at it.  You had great habits.  Success is a habit."
I had never quite heard it put that way before, but I loved the thought.  I think the Apostle Paul might agree.

A person who has a mediocre gift set but works hard at developing that skill set every day will accomplish much more than a person with a fantastic skill set who plays video games all day and never engages them.  I've always been intrigued by the notion that if you spend an hour at one subject every day, you can become an "expert" in it within a few years.  Fascinates me.

So my question to me (and you) is: Are my habits making best use of whatever gift set God has given me?  How am lining up my habits so that God can best use them to bring value to Him and to others?

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