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Spent a week hanging with a ministry leader who has become a good friend over the last three years.  One of the things I admire most about him is his ability to weather the storms of life with friends, taking them through good times and bad times and helping them come out the other side still alive in Christ.

In many ways, it kind of feels like he’s one of those rare individuals who is able to suspend judgment and show a strong, even love more than most of us.  It’s counterintuitive to human nature, because often the people he tries to help are deep in the gulf of real life crises.  Sometimes Christians run from those or judge their way out of intimacy more than Jesus ever would.

Being around him makes me want to be more like that.   My thought?  Let’s be a community that is more like that. People would come running.  I love the elements of that kind of love I see coming together at Connexus. We’ve made big strides in that this year.  Let’s accelerate that, and who knows, we may see more people want to get around Jesus than we ever dreamed. 

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