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Something Large

Still thinking about that David Crowder line… "I’m so tired of little gods while on the edge of something large."

I love that in several days 4000 church leaders are going to gather north of Atlanta for the Orange Conference.  Think about that – 4000 people who if deployed in their communities with a fresh passion and hunger for Jesus could turn things upside down.

I love having much of my life consumed by a big mission – one too big for me along to carry out.  I love being swept up not only by a HUGELY loving God, but by millions of others who know Him and love Him and want to change the world.  Otherwise, I fear I would retreat into my little selfish cocoon and make my whole 70whatever years about me and my wishes.  Blech.

Where are you today?  On the edge of something large?  Do you sense the hugeness of God’s love (were talking about love, baby, at Orange this year)?  Do you sense God is calling you to be part of something HUGE – His plan for the world?

God, let my life get consumed by YOU.  Somehow at Connexus, we get to play our part of that much bigger whole.  Somehow at Orange (and a week from now at Drive), we’ll get another glimpse into how LARGE our God really is.

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