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Pray Globally, Act Locally and Globally

Milemarkers_r1_c1 I’m in Atlanta for a few mores days. Tomorrow, almost 2500 more leaders gather for Drive at North Point Community Church.  That’s after 3700 leaders gathered last week for Orange.  I am humbled and amazed by how many American (and global) church leaders are tracking what’s happening at Connexus back home.  Hundreds of people have told me they’re tracked us, been on line to listen in and more.  So many said they are praying for us.  Amazing. I don’t even bring it up.  They just tell me.  Connexus, I wish you were here to witness those conversations.

I checked the stats on our Connexus website the other day and was a bit shocked at what I saw using Google Analytics. Adjusted to accommodate the size of our countries, twice as many Americans per capita visit Connexus online as Canadians. Isn’t it amazing to know we are being cheered on and lifted up in prayer by people who might never visit us (although so many indicate they want to make the trip!).

This week, leaders from many countries will gather at Drive. Last week, I spent time with church leaders from South Africa and met other leaders from New Zealand and leaders who work in Africa and elsewhere.

So here’s what I’m asking you to do this week.  Can you pray for countries?  Pray for those where sharing faith is harder. Please do pray for Canada, that God would ignite a huge movement that would see millions more discover what a growing relationship with Jesus means. Also pray for our friends in Africa (I had three emails this week alone from Connexus people investing in mission in Africa), for our friends all over the world who are persevering in the name of Jesus under intense circumstances.

We are all part of something so much bigger than ourselves.  God is showing up all over the planet, and we are being cheered on and prayed for by people all over the place.  Let’s return the favour.

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