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How’s your passion level for God and for his work lately?  Your level of engagement with this incredible God we serve?

I got back yesterday from Orlando where we did stop one of the Orange Tour hosted by the awesome team at Summit Church in Orlando.  As always, I was inspired by Reggie Joiner’s level of passion for family ministry and by the passion of some great North Point leaders who also taught on the tour.  But the other thing that really grabbed me was the level of real engagement I felt from the hundreds of church leaders that gathered for this tour stop.

These are people who took time off work, volunteers who pour hours each week into ministry for kids, students and families, and people who just really care about what happens to other people spiritually.  Man, I love that.

Sometimes we get a bit jaded about church, but then there are moments when we see it for what it is in parts and for what it could be if we all really cared passionately about what happens to people spiritually.  I see that spirit in some great team members at Connexus, and seeing it played out from such a wide variety of church leaders this past week really made me optimistic about the church.

Thanks to the people who gathered over the last few days in Orlando for fueling my spirit. Thanks to the people of Connexus who drove through more snow with smiles on their faces to create relevant environments for others again this morning.  People actually came and brought their friends.  Honestly, we just have no idea how much all this is affecting lives and changing eternities.

Thanks to everyone who gave me hope this past week.  Thanks for your passionate.  Your passion is raising mine to an even higher level.

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