It’s been a great week, and so much to look forward to this weekend.  Some quick reflections as we head into an exciting weekend and week:

  • It was awesome to be at the North Point lead pastors retreat again this year. I felt guilty on the one hand because our team at home was working SO hard on the launch this weekend.  But had us totally unplug for the better part of two days…it was good for the soul.  No blogging, no email, just connecting.  Had some good down time and actually slept nine hours one night….yikes..that felt too good.  I feel like I’m heading into weekend one of Connexus completely refreshed and restored, physically and spiritually. Rich time with God this week. Thanks God.
  • I am SO excited about the soft launch of the Connexus Barrie campus on Sunday.  This is week one of dress rehearsal (soft launch).  We’re running two services (8:30 and 10) and I’m excited and nervous and calm all at once.  Hard to explain.  Very excited about the message and the whole experience of making our environments more relevant than ever.
  • I am SO proud of the staff and volunteer team.  Our team is simply tops.  I felt like I was on the French Rivera all week on retreat while they were in the trenches.  Between late Wednesday and late Thursday, it looked like our $600,000 equipment order wasn’t going to make it across the border in time for tomorrow morning, delaying the soft launch and the public launch by a week….but our team worked non-stop and made all the arrangements and the gear is set to roll in on Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. as scheduled.  Special thanks to Rich, Nadine, Marja and Cindy who just didn’t stop till this got solved!!!!
  • On the plane home yesterday I was writing small group questions for our six week series that kicks off the new year.  I have never ever had the privilege of putting together a series that comes close to the power of the stuff from God’s Word in that one.  Christmas is the perfect lead in to something incredible I think God wants to do in each of us….in all people.  These first two months promise something powerful, at least for me.
  • The North Point community continues to amaze me with fresh insights and
    great encouragement, love and support.  North Point — you folks are one of a kind.  I’ll
    share some of those insights next week on the blog.  I think you will not want to go back to other ways of thinking and being…. I don’t.
  • I just feel grateful to actually be able to be a part of all this.  God does more than we can ask or imagine.  And for a thoroughly depraved, forgiven guy to get a chance to be part of a work of God is amazing to me.  I’m so thankful for the whole emerging Connexus community.  We’re going to see so many lived transformed…including our own.  Can’t wait.

Talk to you on line over the weekend, but even better….see you in person Sunday. 

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  1. josh roberts on November 16, 2007 at 10:52 am

    i'm excited about what God is doing in Canada through you. Know that we're praying for you guys down here at Winshape Retreat.

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