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Orangeology (3)

This is like so late because the internet connection at the Gwinnett Center was worse than dial up. 

Orange 2008 is over.  It was such a great thing to see so many gathered with a heart for families and a heart for those who still don’t follow Jesus.

Day two and three reflections:

  • Lanny Donaho and Reggie are so uncannily funny it’s still surreal.
  • The worship was soul-stirring.  I loved seeing people caught up in Jesus.
  • Apparently I say "amazing" a lot.  Thanks Fred.  That’s so completely amazing to know!
  • Francis Chan went for the jugular.  A former gang member who Francis baptized quit his church after six months. His observation: he could find more community in a gang than in the church.  Do we really care for each other? Do we have each other’s backs?
  • Donald Miller:  leaders speak something beautiful into the nothing, the way God spoke something beautiful into nothing to create.
  • Andy Stanley forced my notebook open (every time I’m with him I get fresh insight).  I took copious notes.  Then I lost them after his talk.  Darn. I’m such a bonehead.  Good thing I’m at Drive next week. Andy did make me realize how unbelievably influential and important small group leaders are.  And every time I’m even near Andy, his deeply pure character shines through. Thanks Andy!
  • Louie Giglio spoke passionately about the church needing to lift up the transcendent Jesus.  Bang on in saying relevance, worship and justice can easily become the golden calves of our generation, and this from the man who brings us the Passion movement.
  • Reggie Joiner…I just love this man who not only won’t quit on the family, but who deeply pursues innovative ways to partner with parents across North American and the world in the name of Jesus.  Thanks Reg!

Hey Orange people, what did you love and what did you learn?


  1. carey nieuwhof on May 3, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    rebekah…i am so encouraged to hear your reflections. thanks for sharing them. I think that's what many of us are sensing…that this is "God-breathed".


  2. Rebekah on May 2, 2008 at 11:22 pm

    Oh boy…what did I love and what did I learn? Those are two huge questions to ask, my friend. I'm going to try not to run on at ridiculous length…

    What I loved:
    -worshipping with a totally rockin' band (a number of them, actually) and 4000-ish other passionate Christians. Everyone in church leadership should have to do that regularly to remind us why we're in this!
    -lots of insights that made me think "Oh, thank you SO MUCH for putting into words the things I've felt for a while now"
    -the excellence with which everything at the conference was executed – excellent speakers, excellent breakouts, excellent worship, excellent resource materials…it was "AMAZING" 🙂

    What I learned:
    -so much that brain is still trying to burst open…
    -the loving fathers/older brothers insight fueled the conversations of my conference companions and I all week
    -that passion is critically important in ministry (this may not seem like a huge revelation but it came home to me in a whole new way during this conference)
    -that I need to concentrate prayer on asking God to help me grow out of my tendency to withdraw from conflict
    -that simple really is more effective

    Okay. That's enough for now. It was good to see you, Carey. The whole experience was…I am so tempted to say amazing again…let's say "God-breathed" instead.


  3. Justin Browning on May 1, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    There was this great breakout on six ways to partner with parents….or was it five?! Anyhow, the presenter did a kick butt job! Way to go Carey!

    <>< Justin

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