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Orangeology (1)

It’s day one at Orange.  Said hi to so many people.  The morning workshop went well, I think. Talked about starting ministry using a simple model. That is so close in my heart.

Sitting in right now with Mike Clear and Todd Clark from Discovery Church in California who are talking about developing Orange Roots.   Orange strategy seeks to combine the influence of church leaders (symbolized by the colour yellow for the light of Christ) and parents (symbolized by red, the colour of the heart) around a common strategy to shape children spiritually and morally.  At Connexus, we are pumped about what’s ahead for families.

The roots you plant today will determine the plant you grow and the fruit you’ll bear tomorrow.  A lot of this is applicable to way more than family ministry, so I’m hoping it’s helpful for everyone at some level.

Some insights that lit me up:

1.  Who you hire determines where you’re heading.  And how you recruit determines determines how people will exit your ministry.  Recruit by email, people will step back via email.  Making deep personal contact with with people means at all points in the future, they are more likely to make personal contact with you.

2.  It is impossible to say that you believe in a ministry or cause and not support it financially.  Show me your budget and I’ll show you where your heart is.

3.  If family is first, and you give your family ministry production the crappiest timeslot, then family isn’t first.

4. Orange churches don’t do much, but what they do, we try to do well. It’s next to impossible for an Orange Ministry and smorgasboard ministry (every thing goes).

5.  Priority determines capacity. Devoting a little of yourself to everything means devoting a great deal of yourself to nothing.

Great stuff from Mike and Todd!  Thanks guys.  Looking forward to all that’s ahead at Orange.

I’m teaching again at 3.  Would be so grateful for your continued prayers.


  1. carey nieuwhof on April 29, 2008 at 6:46 am

    Thanks guys. It's a great cause and a great community of leaders.

    Tim, just email me off the blog or hook up on facebook and i'll send you my notes. Same deal with anyone else who wants content.

    Casey, can't wait to connect next week at Drive.

  2. Tim Ritter on April 29, 2008 at 3:25 am

    You're pre-conf session was awesome. I didn't have the handout from the beginning – is there any way to get a copy of the notes/etc. ?
    I'll check in with you on Facebook.

  3. John in Colorado on April 28, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    Good session this afternoon. Thanks again for the time, energy and effort you've put into the thought behind all of this.

  4. Casey Ross on April 28, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    Man, I so resonate with the Orange strategy. Thanks for posting these notes. I've seen each of the 5 points lived out in positive and negative ways. They are so powerful (for the church and the family) when they are lived out in positive ways. I especially love the "priority determines capacity" point…that comes from a recovering "well rounded" person. Keep the notes coming…for those of us not there.

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