I’m still in holiday mode for another few days.  Past few days highlights include starting to build a huge front-yard rink for my kids, hanging out with family and friends, a great morning in worship at the Meeting House earlier today and getting ready for Jordan getting his driver’s license tomorrow!

But I’ve been wrestling with a dominant thought to move me personally into 2008 – something to help me make progress as a Jesus-follower.  I’ve boiled it down to one question I think might help me make the most progress.

It sounds so simple, but I think it could help me.  Wonder if it can help you.  I like the question because I think it will help make me better reflect the character of our good God in every relationship I have and become a better decision maker.  I think it could add more grace and yet never make me shy away from the truth.  I think it could be huge for me.

Ready for the question?

Here it is:  In this situation, how can I be for the person in question?

Yep, it’s pretty simple.  But right now in every day life, I think it would help me so much.  See, I know God is for me.  And I know He is for you.  He may need to correct me, change me, prod me, but at every step of the way, He is for me.  And personally, if I know someone is for me,  the journey feels so much better, and during the journey I can endure just about any kind of correction. 

In every conversation, every decision, ever encounter with every person, what If I just asked this question, even if my interaction is going to last seconds or minutes:  in this moment, how can I be for this person? Whether I agree with this person, disagree, like or dislike the dude, appreciate or don’t appreciate the individual, in this transaction, how can I be for them?  Even if I have to disagree or seek a different course than they want, I can still do that being for them, not against them.  I think that could transform me, deeply.

If I really engage that question, I think I could say goodbye to indifference, self-motivated responses, judgment, passive-aggressive behaviours — all the junk.  I could, in Christ’s power, be for that person in that moment, just like God is for us and has been for us forever.

I like that question alot, and think it might really help me.  What about you?

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  1. laurie lamb on January 5, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    when I try to vizualize being "for" someone I see a race and people cheering for the participants. I realized that I was sitting down on-the- i think it's the opposite of job so to speak. Cheering and being for someone requires one to be standing and participating.

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