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More Than Worth the Investment

I spent part of my afternoon at my son’s public school, watching him and his classmates ‘graduate’ from the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistiance Education) program.  In our province, anyway, they teach grade six kids  about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and how to resist peer pressure. 

It was actually quite a moment to see some of the 12 year olds promise to never use illicit drugs and to stay away from alcohol.  I was so grateful for the school system and police force for investing not only in my son, but in his friends.  I was thankful to see other adults taking the development of my son and his friends so seriously.

In so many ways, that’s what I see our small group leaders and Xtreme, InsideOut, UpStreet and Waumba Land crews doing every weekend with 200 kids. All week long, our volunteers work at their "real" jobs.  But they hold our kids spiritually in their hearts, and they bust it every weekend to make sure our kids have someone pour into them spiritually and morally.  I honestly believe that a few years from now, there will be hundreds of kids (one day, thousands of kids) who say their lives turned out so much more positively because an adult other than their parent invested deeply in them.  And this isn’t just for "church" kids.  Our dream is to see whole cities and regions impacted by this. 

Thank you to everyone who invests in the life of a child.  I spent tonight grateful for my son’s school and our police force, and very grateful our Connexus community that invests so heavily in the next generation.

It’s way more than worth it.

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