More About Love…

I’ll spend a good chunk of today (Friday) planning out the message series for Connexus well into 2008.  The one thought I can’t get out of my mind is how powerful love is.

I posted about the song Under Pressure earlier this week. Parts of the song have been echoing through my head for two days since:

"keep coming up with love, but it’s so slashed and torn…|why can’t we give love one more chance? |    Why can’t we give love…give love…give love…| but love’s such an old fashioned word|and love dares    you to care for people on the edge of the knife|and love dares you to change your way of caring about  ourselves…"

Haunting words.  Great questions.

Why did people flock to Jesus?  Many reasons, but I wonder whether one of the most powerful reasons is because in Jesus, people experienced real love.

What do you crave most deeply in life? Love.  Why do many kids go awol on life and into deep rebellion by age 12 or 15?  Lack of love.  What drives marriages apart?  A loss of love.  What causes breakdowns in relationships?  Absence of love.

Love is the glue that holds it all together….love is what’s lacking in our lives (my life too often)….and God, the Bible tells us, is love.

What if at Connexus, we accessed the love of God?  What if we just loved people?  What if somehow we reflected God’s love deeply and profoundly and He moved in us and through us and in spite of us?

That’s what I’m praying about/thinking about this weekend.  How about you?

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