Hoping all of you have the most amazing Christmas.  I’ve been thinking alot about how to spend the next week or so.  Sure, we’ll have a great service tonight in the snow (I’m so grateful for this opportunity), we’ll have some parties with friends and family, spend a great family day tomorrow and Boxing Day, …but I always see this past week of the year and the first week of the new year as a "reforming" time in my life.  A chance to think, pray and ponder.

What I want most this Christmas, honestly, is a deeper intimacy with Christ.  The fall has been crazy busy, and my soul is feeling like it’s time to drink deeply of God.  I blogged about switching my devotion plan last week, and that’s been refreshing.  But I also deeply want to renew my prayer life.  I want to go to another level — a depth, that maybe I’ve never experienced.  I hope to wake up every day for the next few weeks and begin again with some real prayer…a searching of my soul and God’s heart. 

Before I pick up the next round of management/leadership books that are so popular with us church planting pastors, I’m going to read a classic or two on subjects as weird as humility.

I think if I do this, I’ll be a better man, a better husband, a better father, and maybe even a better pastor and leader.   When I start my days deeply in God, I just do better in life.

So that’s my Christmas holiday.  I hope you get some time this season too, and I really pray you find a rich reward with God as your biggest treasure this season.  Let’s pray for each other.  Not sure how often I’ll surface on the blog over the next week, but I can tell you this, time away with God always makes whatever you want to talk about next actually worth talking about.  All the nonsense is mine — anything worth taking away is God’s.

Wishing you all the best, and every good thing from God…..


  1. Joanne on December 30, 2007 at 5:17 pm

    We loved the outdoor service. It felt so profound and close to God and Jesus out in the nature. It was so great being in the world to and seeing the lights from other buildings, noises from the street, bells from other churches, snowflakes on your face, etc. I kept hoping someone stepping outside for a smoke from a restaurant or something would hear the singing or the word of God and feel a touch of the holy, that maybe they really needed and didn't know was available.

    I like how the kids at the front built mounds of snow to lie on and prop up their heads to listen to the service. Kind of a snow chaise lounge! Talk about great front row seats!

    Apparently, some people just walking by in the park did join us.

    It was also so great to vaguely hear the carols being sung from the other outdoor service nearby held by Bethel Church. It felt like a lovely community of Christ, all praising God for his wonderful miracle of Jesus together. And Bethel HAS a nice warm church but they chose to workship outdoors anyways. That's very cool.

    The music was awesome and the whole service was very special! And nice for the community to see this.

    I think we should do a summer service sometime, outdoors in a public area.

  2. Graham Prouty on December 26, 2007 at 11:07 am

    Dude, this all sounds great, but I would love to know how the outdoor Christmas service went? That sounds totally cool, and I would love to do the same thing next Christmas, what did you learn, experience and see God doing? What would you do differently next year?

  3. Stephanie on December 24, 2007 at 10:15 pm

    Merry Christmas Carey and family. Thank you for a beautiful Christmas Eve service! It was great to get everyone together 🙂

    After the lights, noise and excitement of Christmas I hope we all find time to reflect with God.

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