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There’s a lot of pride in leadership these days.  I think we often translate God’s desire for "fruit" into a human desire to "succeed".  I know I struggle with the tension between wanting to see the Kingdom grow for genuine reasons and wanting it to grow for selfish or personal reasons. 

Somehow, we are all little demi-gods in our own minds.  The world spins and revolves around us.  It’s infected the culture and infected the church.  Are we really saying "look at Jesus" or are we just as concerned that people look at us?

Pride is more than arrogance – more than a strut or swagger.  Pride started the whole distorted, twisted ride into sin.  Pride caused Satan to think he was better than God. Pride usurps dependence on God.  It replaces humility and worship of God for who He is in all of His self-giving, with worship of self in all of its’ self-taking.  Satan counterfeited the glory of God with the glory of self, and he’s been selling plenty of that false medicine for millennia.  We’ve been buying.

Pride can also stem from insecurity.  There’s a ton of insecure leaders out there.  We need to talk about how great we are when we fear there’s really nothing inside.  But when we see that there’s something of deep value inside (God, in all His glory), the need to talk about ourselves plummets, and the desire to point to Him swells. 

Funny that the words humility and humiliation are linked to the same root.  When I have been humiliated, I find I see so little value in what I bring, and I can see far more the real value of what God brings.  For that, I am grateful.

To what extent do you think pride has infected and affected your world?

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  1. laurie lamb on February 19, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    About pride – I heard a song not long ago, unfortunately I don't know who sang it but I keep hearing it in my head – "As I fall to my knees so it's you that th
    ey see, Jesus you be lifted up." Laurie

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