#2 Substituting Activity for God for your Relationship With God

Leadership attracts a certain personality type — achievers, people who love to get things done.  It’s easy for our lives to get consumed with doing, not with being.

If we are performance addicts (as many in ministry are), it only makes it worse, because we derive our sense of self-worth from achievement.  As someone who struggles with this, I’ve had to fight to keep my relationship with God first in my life.  For me, it’s way easier to "do" than to "be".

Jesus was the opposite.  He was completely focused on who He was as it was defined by His relationship with His Father.  Jesus spent thirty years preparing for three years of ministry.  And even during those three years, he would disappear for long periods of time to pray, fast and meditate on scripture.  He knew God intimately, and tapped into a power source (God) that truly turned things upside down.  We’d consider it sacrificial to spend three years preparing for a thirty year run at something…Jesus did the opposite, and we’ll never be the same.

As a leader, I need to spend more time being in Christ and less time doing things for Him.   What about you?  After all, the things I do will pass away.  But the relationships with God and each other that we establish will last forever.

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  1. Jennifer on February 16, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    Ouch! Stop it! It hurts! You keep hitting the nail on the head!

    I had my mind made up at the beginning of this series that this entire series would have no relevance to me. Boy was I wrong, every point you make has had remarkable relevance and sadly so. Achieving is an addiction for me, I confess! As I sat in the office the other day I remember stating something to the effect of: “the busier I am the more “efficient” I am” (with a big smile on my face none the less). I think I need to look at it more like the more time I spend "being" with Him the more “effective” time I’ll have "doing" for Him.

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