#3: Not Staying in Step with God

Leaders can fall into one of two traps on this one.  Some of us are so full of ambition and our own ability that God can end up being an afterthought in our leadership.  We dream it.  We do it.  And then we ask God to bless it, and hopefully He does.

On the other end of the spectrum are those who spend so much time reflecting, praying and talking about God that nothing gets done.  This one’s more subtle, because every thing looks holy and humble. But the reality is that nothing’s actually happening.  It’s all talk, no action. At one point, God had to remind Moses to stop talking to Him and get moving.  Come to think of it, isn’t that what the angel had to tell the disciples after Jesus ascended into heaven ("what are you doing standing here staring into the sky?").

I tend to alternate between the two extremes.  There are times where I’m so busy and ambitious that I can fall into the trap of "double checking" my plans with God.  Yikes.  In other seasons, I can get into a mode of inaction where everything sounds holy and good, but the truth is I’m not accomplishing anything in Christ or for Christ.  I’m just stuck in a ‘holy’ haze.

I don’t know how to land on this one, except to say that working in partnership with God means you have an authentic, live relationship with God. With that come all the dynamics of a real relationship.  It’s a daily check-in through scripture, prayer, and wise counsel to make sure I’m not running ahead of or lagging behind the Spirit, but instead keep my life in step with the Spirit.

How about you?  Do you tend toward one side or the other?  Any advice?

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