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Leadership Traps: #7

#7 Believing the Next Big Thing Will Turn it Around

I am a future-oriented leader. If you were to ever look at my strengths-finder profile, and you’ll find futuristic as one of my top strengths (for those who care or follow Marcus Buckingham, here are my top five: futuristic, relator, command, strategic and maximizer).

But I’ve seen a tendency in myself and in other leaders to always believe the "next big thing" will turn an unpleasant present reality around. Like our consumer-obsessed culture, those of us in church leadership can always believe that the "next best thing" will save the day and make anything you might be struggling with go away.  Sure…maybe some big changes are in order and they could help, but I’ve come to realize how important it also is to name reality as it really is and commit to working through your issues in the context of current reality.

The shadow-side to living in the future is that you don’t live in the reality of the present. You actually miss fixing real problems you might be facing today.  The problem may not actually be your model, but how you’re implementing it. While we’re all "learning" and on a journey, at some point as leaders we need to make a commitment to the best model of ministry we can find or create, and basically give it all we’ve got. 

So at Connexus, we’ve accumulated a few years of leadership learnings and we’ve made a commitment to follow one model of ministry over the indefinite future. It’s simply the best we’ve found, and we’re committed to it.  Further, we have no intention of doing any big "model" changes.  As a strategic partner of North Point ministries, we’re committed to making a consistent, simple model of church work.  It’s a model we deeply believe in (obviously), and a great model well-implemented always trumps the next idea vaguely conceived.

Ironically, by engaging today with full-on attention,  you actually work your way to a better tomorrow in a much more strategic way.

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