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Leadership Traps: #4

#4: Failing to Tell the Truth   

It sounds a little ridiculous to say this, but I think Christian leaders have trouble telling the truth.  It’s partly related to trap #5 (wanting the please people), but I think there are three ways I have to be careful that I’m sticking to the real story…

  1. I can veer off the truth because I don’t want to name an unpleasant reality.  God’s truth is always spoken in love, but it’s not always "nice".  How often does nice slice truth in half?
  2. I can veer off the truth because I don’t want to name reality as a leader.  Sometimes the truth about ourselves or about a situation is not pleasant.  It’s just way too easy to live in denial or to pretend it isn’t so.
  3. I can deny the truth that God may have called us/me into a situation that requires tremendous courage and trust.  Ironically, false humility or a sense that "God couldn’t be calling us to this" might actual deny the truth that God has called us to do a very great and courageous thing.

The great truth-ometer is God’s Word, discerned with prayer and applied with wise counsel in community. 

What’s your experience with truth?  My prayer? God, just make me faithful to what’s true — and to you.


  1. Chris Brown on February 12, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    Really good post, Carey. Made me reflect. Meeting with a fellow pastor the other day, he mentioned that "subtle" agendas are the most dangerous. I think the same is goes for the arena of truth. Subtle, half honest truths—or not fully disclosing the facts is a slow killer. I need that mirror in my life. Thanks.

  2. Casey Ross on February 12, 2008 at 8:09 am

    Exaggeration. I've been around some leaders who exaggerate attendance numbers and even giving numbers. I think they're afraid of the truth. It may make them look bad. We're working hard to be truthful in all of our numbers. We think there's something biblical about that. It is tempting, though, to add a few here or there. But it's a lie.

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