3 Habits That Unintentionally Demotivate Staff…
And How You Can Quickly Reverse Them

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Ever notice how hard it is to have your staff and volunteers consistently performing at their best? 

It can be a burden knowing that the habits you have as a leader directly impact the motivation and performance of your team. 

Some are easy to notice, while others just seem insignificant. You may not even be aware of them. 

Throughout my years in leadership I’ve noticed 3 habits that so many leaders have. Unfortunately, they don't lead to a great result…

  • The best leaders never end up reaching their potential
  • Staff just don’t seem fully motivated and never perform consistently

The good news? The habits are easy to identify and quick to reverse. 

And once you have them figured out, you’ll know exactly how to get consistency and performance from your team. 


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Carey Nieuwhof


Hi, I'm Carey Nieuwhof. Best-selling author, podcaster, blogger and leadership expert.

I’ve taken my best strategies, experiences, lessons and tactics from 25+ years of leading teams in high growth environments and put them into resources like this free teaching video.

There are so many lessons I had to learn the hard way. And I'd love to share them with you. Together we can take your leadership to the next level!

This free teaching video will help you identify habits you have as a leader which directly impact the motivation and performance of your team. 

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