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Introducing the Line of the Week

Okay…so here’s a new weekend feature I’m calling line of the week (It’s a really lame name, so if you can do better, post a suggestion baby.)  You posts lots comments most week and usually, there’s a line that someone wrote that I think everyone should see that could get lost in the shuffle.  This will help reverse that.

Here’s my pick for this week from M.W. Smith who commented on Preaching Cramp….Help Please:

"I doubt that we are courageous enough to love one another in a way that wakes others from their numbness."

When I read that it hit me so deeply.  How many of us are numb from lack of love?  What might happen if we really loved?  I could spend more than a morning camped out on that thought.

Hope this brings some life and depth into your weekend.

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