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Incredible Community

So I was going to take a break from blogging, but you drove me back to it.  Why?  Because I am just amazed at what can happen when people are motivated by love and compassion. I am amazed at the potential of the community that Jesus has in mind.

Thanks for the incredible concern and love you have expressed for Cindy Morris and her family.  Cindy works as my assistant and also manages the office at Connexus.  She is one remarkable woman whom I consider it a privilege to know and work with.  On Tuesday she had a very bad car accident that left her with serious injuries.  You can follow the updates on the Connexus blog, but we are cautiously and prayerfully optimistic that she is going to pull through. 

After more time at the hospital today, my wife Toni and I drove back to Barrie.  As we were talking about community, I pulled out my blackberry and counted 63 missed calls or text messages in the last day.  Those were missed calls.  I took hundreds more live, and my call log thing doesn’t count those. People care so deeply.  That’s so amazing.

There are moments where you just see the potential of love, see the potential of prayer and hope, and see the best side of human nature in brilliant display.

Question:  what if we just lived like that?  Why does it take a crisis? 

True story:  An hour before Cindy’s accident, I got together with a good friend for breakfast and we talked pretty openly, as always.  I was sharing some struggles and things I wasn’t happy about.  Twenty minutes after finishing that conversation, I was on the accident scene and learned it was Cindy who was hit.  Man, talk about a change in perspective.  My friend and I talked later that day and commented on how our "struggles" seemed a whole lot different now.

So that’s what I’m asking myself…why can’t I just "live" this way every day? Thanks for being the community you are, and in community pointing me once again to the redemptive potential of love.

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  1. Harry on January 31, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    It would be good for us to live each day with that gratitude for life and opportunities to share love each day, but we tend to live life in the moment; just as the pain of yesterday fades, so do incentives and desire decrease as little things from life occupy and place demands on us and our time. Its only the encouragement that each draws from others or the time spent in God's presence that allow us to recharge that battery. Guess that's why Paul kept writting about building each other up so much eh? 😉

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