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If Your Friends Could Preach, They Would __________.

I have to tell you how helpful I found the comments to last week’s post asking you for feedback on what you would like to hear a message on.  I’m keeping careful notes!  Thank you!

Now, let’s change it up. Connexus is not just for "church people" – it’s for everyone.  I’d love to hear what your friends who don’t currently attend church would love to hear us talk about at Connexus. 

To start that dialogue, please forward this blog link to five or more friends of yours who aren’t currently attending a church. 

As your friends come on line, let me first say welcome!  Glad you’re here.  We’re a church that really wants to dialogue with people who are curious about life and God but maybe aren’t so hot on church.  Friends, here’s my question:

If there was one subject or issue you’ve always wanted a church to tackle to help answer questions that are relevant to you, what is it?

To respond, just comment back on this post. You can be honest. I promise you, we’re listening and would love to start a dialogue. Your ideas will fuel not only posts on this blog, but the messages we’re going to do in the rest of 2008.



  1. Jesus Goldfarb on April 17, 2008 at 12:55 am

    Read the secret, its how the world works. Its time the world takes their heads out of the sand. No disrespect or anything I know how gullable the human mind can be. Maybe im the gullable one, is anything they tell us real, is there a sun and a moon? And if space is real, then whats after that, this heavan place just appears. This could all be true but lack of facts are leadinng to lack of beleif. The law of attraction is what I beleive, Fat people get fatter becuase that is all that they think and feel. Like when a bad day just keeps getting worse. Its becuase your negitive energy attracts more negitave energy. Beleive what you want but this is what has been working for me for the past 2 years, everything has pretty much fallen in place for me now.

  2. L Fournier on April 16, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    Hey Carey, I have forwarded the Blog to several non-believers and skeptics assuring them that you could handle any question they have. I told them to "fire away". I don't know if that was a good thing and I don't know what could be headed your way if they take an interest. I'm sure you can handle it. Good luck!

  3. Shirley on April 16, 2008 at 11:24 am

    Hi Linda!

    Awesome step for you to be a seeker and look for the truth! God bless you indeed!

    Carey, reading Linda's questions made me think that a lot of seekers who walk through Connexus' doors may not know what to do next… I know that we are giving The Case for Christ as a starter. What do you think about putting the great advice you gave Linda in a letter form that could be distributed with The Case for Christ to new comers. Just a thought! Maybe they would not have access to the blog or interest in having to search so "far" to find the answers they are looking for…
    I had the chance to see an amazing drama last week at the Calvary Pentecostal Church in Orillia: Heaven's Doors, Hell's Flames!!! Quite the eye opener if you ask me! We cannot "afford" to miss an opportunity that might be someone's last chance of eternity with Jesus! I think that if someone shows up to church as a seeker, he/she should leave equipped to make the decision that determines his/her eternity… Or should have had the chance to take that step right then and there… Food for thoughts…

  4. Doris Schuster on April 16, 2008 at 9:16 am

    Amazing questions and awesome advice!
    Yes, Linda, keep seeking!

  5. Joan Parker on April 16, 2008 at 7:25 am

    Thanks Carey! I'm sure your answer has touched more than just Linda. You take the time to really "listen" to what's in the question/comment. It's most helpful. The Purpose Driven Life is one book I haven't gotten around to (so much to read!) but I think I'll get to it this weekend. Thanks again for your words of guidance!

  6. carey nieuwhof on April 15, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you so much for this post. I'm so excited that you took up your friend's invitation and have been out to connexus, and that our environments have helped you on your journey.

    Let me say you are asking all the right questions (and they are huge questions). "How" is a huge part of following Jesus. I think when people encountered Jesus in his day and throughout history, it really is a 're-orienting" of life, and it does actually take time.

    When we become followers of Jesus ("Christians"), we seek to see our whole lives become more like Jesus. Our heart, our character, our relationships, our priorities get reshaped more into the likeness of Jesus. He honestly lived an incredible life of giving and love. That not only fills the "emptiness", but it can give us a whole new perspective on life and what it means to really live.

    I think it all starts with letting God into your life. That begins by accepting Jesus as your Saviour, as the One God sent for you and the world. That usually happens in prayer by asking Jesus to come into your life, by asking him to forgive you for your sins which separate you from God, and choosing to follow Him as your Lord and leader. That opens up the next part, which is the much bigger part, of following Jesus daily.

    I would suggest beginning to read the Bible using the New Testament (like the Gospel of John) or even to start at the new testament (Matthew). Ask God to guide you.

    A good book to start with might be "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. It will orient you pretty quickly into some of the basics of following Jesus.

    We are also big believers in community. Getting into a group and traveling the road ahead with Jesus is best done in community. I hope that at connexus, you'll discover a community and even community group that will embrace both you and your questions. In my experience, a lot of the questions get sorted out on the journey over time.

    That said, I'm taking careful note of your questions and will have your questions in front of me in the next few months (along with others). But I do think the most important thing is to give yourself some time. It took all of our lifetime to get us here, and it's reasonable to take months or even a year or two to ask the basic questions we have about God and life and learn more about what it means to follow Jesus.

    I hope we can create that kind of space for you to explore all of that in our community. But keep asking, and keep seeking. I think it was Jesus who promised us that those who seek will find, and those who keep asking will find it given to them.

    Oh, and about your kids – we are totally into helping parents learn how to help their kids. As a first step, you might check out the 'Parent Connection' page on our website and pick up a "family fuel" pack from UpStreet (where your kids go) next weekend. The family fuel packs and parent connection page give some short readings to do as a family and direction as to what we're sharing with them. Through these resources and (again) through community, over time, we hope you will find help toward living life in God as a family.

    Hope that in some small way this helps, but I do hope it opens a dialogue that will last a lifetime.

    Keep asking. I love the dialogue.

  7. Linda on April 15, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    Hmmm…good question. As a “seeker” and someone who is really not sure what to believe, I have so many questions that I don’t know where to begin. I am currently on my own personal spiritual journey, and not sure where it’s going to lead. I have never been to church and I grew up in a household of none believers. A wonderful friend invited me to Connexus, and I have been able to go for the last few Sundays. I have found it incredibly interesting. I love that you include everyone in your sermons (people who believe and people who are searching), and I feel like you are actually talking to me. However, when I leave, I still feel lost. I have always believed that there is something more and something is missing in my life, but I just don’t know what that is. I feel that I am quite happy and content in my life, so where does it all fit in? I also have a hard time with my kids. They go into the kids programs (which they really enjoy!), however I have no idea where to even begin to help them understand, when I have no clue myself. Plus, I want them to understand that each person has their own beliefs, and neither is “right” or “wrong”.

    I guess my biggest question is…How?
    How do you believe in something you can’t see or touch? How do you believe in the word of one man? How do you let God into your life? How do you start reading the bible? How do handle pressure from family and close friends that don’t believe, or believe in something different? How do you teach your children? How do you even begin to understand the teachings of Jesus? How do you let go of past disbelief?

    Originally, my question was going to be “Why believe?” But I can understand why people believe…I just don’t know how to do it.

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