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Go Crazy…Go God

Enjoy this incredibly warm weekend. As I write this on Thursday, I have a strong urge to lie out on the back deck on a lawn chair, get suntanned, go biking and rake the yard. Seriously.
Weird, isn’t it?  It’s like spring is out in full bloom and I have
cabin fever.

Enjoy the weekend, but also enjoy God.  I don’t know whether you are
like me, but this is the time of year when a lot of us go south on
God.  We get so intoxicated with all the cool things we could do with our time, and God easily gets pushed to the margins.  Then we wonder why we don’t feel Him, experience Him, sense Him or know Him much.

But ask this question: what if you invested as much time in your relationship with God as you invest in having fun?  What if you took all that energy and invested in in knowing Him, deeply?

I know, the thought is scary, isn’t it?  Most of us wouldn’t touch it.

Try it this way:  what if you took a tenth of the energy you were going to devote to _____________ this weekend and devoted it to Jesus.  What if?

Do you think your relationship with Him would grow?  Would your character change?  Would your life change?  Consider it a challenge for this first weekend where it honestly feels like spring.

Enjoy it.  Go crazy.  But I also encourage you to go crazy on God.  That’s what I hope to do, not just Sunday morning, but with a chunk of my Friday night, my Saturday and my Sunday as well.  He’s worth it.

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