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Getting What You Came For

So we have to catch a 7:30 flight to Atlanta, and I’m with my best friend and bride, Toni.  Hungry, I promise her that when we get to the gate, there’s a Second Cup.  Now, friends, if we can talk honestly for a minute, Second Cup makes the best killer vanilla bean latte in the world.  It creams Starbucks for sure.  It’s just #1 with a bullet. 

So I get there, all anticipatory, excited.  The person behind the counter tells me they are all out of vanilla.  The last time I was at that Second Cup, they were out of latte.  Yep.  Their machine was broken.  Now this is an airport kiosk, but I couldn’t believe it.  It’s like going to church and being told that sorry, we’re all out of Jesus this week.

Actually, it made me wonder how many people come to our churches looking for Jesus only to find we didn’t point to him that week.  Got to think about that one.

And there are no Second Cups in the US.  Guess I can’t wait to get home to Canada.

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